People Pleasing

Do you catch yourself people pleasing? Do you know if you are a people pleaser?

I’m not talking about compassionately helping someone else, I’m talking about putting others first and denying your true feelings.

I completely lost my energy recently. I had all of the COVID symptoms but all the tests came up negative.

Whenever I’m sick I always know that I’m going through a cleansing and a being retooled through an initiation for my ascension.

When I asked Mother Mary what this experience was about, she told me that I was on a people pleasing cleanse.

So I asked her to talk to me about people pleasing and what I needed to to let go of from her perspective. 

If you are out of alignment in pleasing others this message is for you, as it was for me.

Mother Mary’s Message about People Pleasing 

This message is also with a Morning Light Meditation. Mother Mary will help you begin to release the old pattern of people pleasing.

“This is an old incredulous disease that is out of alignment with your true nature. it twist love into obligation and feigns coyness.

People pleasing is actually manipulative and it keeps you behind the curtain. It keeps you small because you have too many people to please it becomes a huge burden for you.

Another word for people pleasing is not standing in your power and your worth. it dismisses your strength and keeps you in an impossible measuring system. 

Am I enough? Have I given enough?

These two questions keep you in a people please cycle. 

People pleasing makes another seem more important that yourself and takes away from the two of you coming together in harmony. 

It also keeps you in a continuous state of guilt and feeds unhealthy cords between you.

You are not being honest and transparent. 

How can I fully release this old pattern of people pleasing?

Come into my heart Beloved, and be still.

Take a look at your relationships and begin noticing where you’re not speaking your truth. Ask yourself, “Why am I withholding here?”

Remember you can say anything you need to say in kindness. Just ask me to help you transmute the people pleasing into honesty.

Ask yourself:

  • “Where am I not taking care of myself and sticking up for myself?
  • “ Where am I not giving myself credit and giving my power away?”

Deepen into your heart in self love and acceptance.

Say to yourself,  “I forgive you, my love, for giving away your power to please others, in every area of my life, in every relationship, and through all space and time.

Beloved Presence I AM, help me to release this habit on every level. Help me to notice my blind spots and to be honest with myself and others.”

Take some time to sing the Ho’oponopono Prayer Chant to yourself.

I am with you always. Call on me anytime to assist you release the fear of being your honest self.

I love and adore you,”

Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance

What’s shifted for you after reading Mother Mary’s message. Please share it below.


  1. Jacquie

    I so needed to receive this message today. Thank you so much, I am out of alignment and totally realize that I have been people pleasing, when I read this I realized I am in fear and therefore putting my needs last. Thank you I feel Mother Mary’s love and help in being able to shift this.

    1. Jen Post author

      I’m so grateful Jacquie. Another opportunity to dive deeper into self love.

  2. Trudy Schorzman

    Forgiveness in awareness and understanding. This awareness began this morning when a friend shared that an ancient supplement was healing her brain in such a way that she was able to feel the boundary between self and others. I knew that early childhood abuse/trauma could cause the emotional body to “meld” with others or enact people-pleasing as a survival mechanism; however, I thought this injury was only located in the emotional body – it never occurred to me that there might be a physical element involved (brain chemistry). Prayer heals.

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks for sharing Trudy. Absolutely prayer heals.

  3. taffy wallace

    I love the call to come into the heart of Grace and Mother Mary when the occasion of “people pleasing” arises. Loving reminder! Thank you 🙏🏾

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