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I’m Jennifer Russell and I’m delighted that you are here.

Are you a lightworker who’s tried every prosperity program out there and are fed up with financial struggle, you are in the right place...

Have you been on the metaphysical path for a long time and have read tons of books and tried lots of processes and you’re on overload with information and ready to step into your mastery and become an oracle/channel for yourself and others, you’ve come home.

Do you want to establish real relationships with the Angels and the Ascended Masters and don’t know how to begin, there is a deep spiritual study in this Academy that will take you into a mystical adventure of light that you’ve only dreamed of.


We are bringing in a new paradigm of Abundance and wealth as spiritual leaders.

I want you to listen up because this journey is accelerating and I don’t want you to be left behind.

This is the time for us to experience complete freedom so that we can be about God’s business.

You know that call in your heart to be on the fore front of this ascension movement and to share your spiritual gifts with the world in a big way and get paid well for it?

That’s not a pipe dream my friend. That’s real. That is exactly what you are being called to do.


We are the engineers of this Golden Age of Miracles and your part in this pageant of Light is super important.

I am passionate about empowering Lightworkers spiritually and financially so you can expand your expression in the world.

I have experienced deep financial pain in my life. 

At one point my life spun out of control.

My ‘freedom journey’ was painful and liberating. 

When I became a Spiritual Practitioner I finally took ownership of my sacred gifts.


When I started working with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and the entire Company of Heaven everything in my life went to another level of co-creation.

My self doubts (which use to take me out for days at a time) and feelings of unworthiness vanished.

My sessions and my classes started to go really deep.  People started being healed of cancer, broken hearts, trauma and financial pain.

My income has steadily increased and even doubled in the last year. I have sped up the time from desire to manifestation from years of waiting, to only days.

I am so clear about what is mine to do and I am filled full with JOY.

I’m not unique.  This is happening to all my students as well and it can happen for you.

I created the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy because I am passionate about empowering Holistic Healers, Ministers and Practitioners and students of Light to become strong spiritually and financially.

In this Academy you will experience deep healing in your heart, your body, your mind and your finances.

Where ever you join me on this path of Light, I am so grateful to be on this journey with you.

I want to remind you that you are powerful and you are precious.

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