Sanctuary – Replays

Renew with Lady Hope

The Temple of Hope between Mount Shasta and Sacramento, California is open. Hallelujah!

This is Lady Hope and Archangel Gabriel’s retreat.

In this powerful Sanctuary you’ll raise up out of fear, doubt, anxiety, and despair.

Lady Hope is putting out the call – LET ME IN.

You’ll leave this Sanctuary renewed in strength, hope and vitality. Your future is bright because nothing can touch you when you fly in the high frequency of these Mighty Archangels.


Step into your Light Body with Lady Nada

Lady Nada is calling you to step into the Flame of Transfiguration and claim your Light Body.

She will be assisting us in the Temple of Transfiguration which is open right now.

When we do this work as a community, it provides a huge leap in your own evolution and seals it for the rest of the world.

Lady Nada is the Goddess of Love. She is BIG MEDICINE. The power of the Transfiguration Flame is the Purest Love.

You’ll leave this Sanctuary with a brand new way of seeing your physical body and living on Earth as a 5th Dimensional Soul.


Living Waters of Compassion with Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin will be opening up the seeded power of her sound and light codes within you.

As we saturate in her mantra, OM MANI PADME HUM, you’ll feel your heart soften in unexpected and miraculous ways.

Anytime that we can spend with Kwan Yin, especially together, showers us with beauty and mercy’s love.

You’ll leave this Sanctuary filled with unconditional love and compassion for yourself.


Beloved Sanat Kumara

Come into the heart of the Father to stabilize and recalibrate.

Beloved Sanat Kumara, also known as the Ancient of Days, has returned from Venus at Saint Germain’s request.

He is currently here to bring humanity a great gift, to ‘lift the curse of Cain’.

This Mighty Ascended Master is intimately connected to your heart. He has loved us and held the high watch for our Ascension and return to the Light for millions of years.

We will be meeting him at the ROYAL TETON RETREAT, over Jackson, Wyoming during our meditation. This is the oldest retreat on Earth and all of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Cosmic Beings of Light are gathered this month. The great news is that the Flame of Precipitation (Creation) is blazing through our atmosphere to the max right now.

In this powerful Sanctuary you’ll come home to the heart of the Father.

In this Sanctuary:

  • You’ll receive a Father healing and return to your holy innocence.
  • You’ll release ambiguity and confusion about why you are here right now.
  • You’ll get clarity on what’s important for you at this time and the next step forward.

Santa Kumara knows you. He sees you as precious and powerful. He wants to bring you home to help you remember your divine mission.

You’ll leave feeling stronger, grounded, and stabilized from the inside out.


Our Sanctuary will be in the high vibration of the Ascension Temple in the etheric realm of Luxor, Egypt with Mother Mary and Hathor.

Open your voice and release that which has been silenced. Everything that you’ve been suppressing in your solar plexus will be allowed to have a voice in this sacred circle.

It’s time for centuries of repression of the Divine Feminine to have a voice, individually and collectively. That’s what we do together.

Bring your voice, your drums, your bells, and your rattles.

We’ll be chanting, singing light language, dancing, and drumming.

You’ll leave this sacred gathering renewed and strengthened in your heart, in speaking your Truth and taking your next steps.


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Our Sanctuary will be in the high vibration of the Resurrection Temple with Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, Lord Sananda, Archangel Gabriel, and Lady Hope.

We’ll be focusing on deeply cleansing your etheric body. The etheric body carries your soul through all of your life times. You’re soul is where your sacred vows and your life mission is stored.

This body also remembers everything, all the trauma that you’ve ever experienced. It also is the body that travels into the higher dimensions, especially when you’re sleeping. When you’re etheric body is cleansed you are super clear and energized.

This will prepare you to receive a huge blessing from the powerful Unicorns.

“While angels work through the heart, unicorns work with the soul” Diana Cooper

Unicorns are part of the Angelic Kingdom and will be helping you with your soul wishes.

This very special Sanctuary was on April 25th.

You can purchase the replay here.

Divine Download with Mother Mary
Your mind was designed to receive divine ideas. 
Release the mind chatter and the to do list so you can hear from the deepest source within you what is yours to do this new season.
The astrological new year has just begun.

Chant and sing, releasing the old stuck energies in your auric field
Receive the comfort and Grace of Mother Mary
Restore your body, mind, and spirit as you are recalibrated and rejuvenated in the Resurrection Flame
Download what is the most important thing for you to put your attention on

Golden Sunset with violet streaks of light in the sky. Symbolizing meet your sponso.


When you meet your sponsor for Ascension everything starts to make sense.  The Hierarchy of Heaven starts to become real to you.  You leave the world of make-believe and enter into a real experience of Love Light. Read more about it HERE.

In oue February 2021 Sanctuary, we journeyed to the Temple of Illumination over Lake Titicaca Bolivia where you met your Sponsor.

The Magnificence of this Temple will be the perfect environment for this work.    Mother Mary, my Sponsor, Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love, and the Maha Chohan, the Guardian of all of the Seven Sacred Rays and the Elemental Kingdom will be assisting you.  The Maha Chohan is the one that wrote your name in the book of Life and assigned your Sponsor and your Guardian Angel to you.  He is BIG MEDICINE.


abstract blue background with gold floating circles new atlantis


Are you ready to receive the new Light Codes of Abundance and Creativity?

This month in Sanctuary, Beloved Saint Germain and Sanat Kumara will be leading us in a full release of the ‘curse of Cain.’ Centuries of hard manual labor and a feeling of defeat are lodged in our cellular memory.

Subconscious guilt is a part of this etheric and physical memory. You’ll especially feel it now when we’re making this transition back to the Garden of Eden. We’re going to release this too.

In this Sanctuary, you’ll be receiving a transmission of the New Atlantis. This will uplevel your DNA with Light Codes of Abundance and Creativity.

This is a new faith currency of Love Light. A currency of consciousness and vibration. An all needs met all the time experience for lightworkers and humanity.

This is a powerful life-changing Sanctuary, you don’t want to miss it.


Cauldron of Violet Fire in a spiral of light

December 27th @ 5 PM PST we gathered to fully let go of 2020 in the Cauldron of Violet Fire. 

On the last days of each year, everyone is placed in this Lake of Mercy.  It is established right above the Royal Teton Retreat to release all shadow energy accumulated throughout the year. O my Godness have we had a year.

This usually happens to us during our sleep time. 

It’s an amazing experience to do it together in sacred community.

Well go together and do this consciously with the assistance of Saint Germain, Kwan Yin, Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst, and your own special Violet Flame Archangel.

You’ll be freed up in places we haven’t even identified yet.  You’ll leave this Sanctuary ready for the New Year.


Shamballa Harvest Ceremony words over a picture of a salt harvest in Vietnam picture by Quang Nguyen

Shamballa Harvest Ceremony

I love the Shamballa Harvest Ceremony. It’s a celebration of Glorious Light and Thanksgiving.

We have all grown spiritually y leaps and bounds this year. It’s time to celebrate.

2020 has been a year we’ll never forget.

You’ve completed some incredible spiritual initiations this year. The accomplishments of your eternal self are celebrated by the entire Company of Heaven.

Now it’s time to harvest the gifts of your spiritual focus from this year because you made it, Beloved.

On November 15th the King’s Highway opened up. This complex and protected thoroughfare of Light allows all the Cosmic Beings of Light to come together at Shamballa, the retreat lead by Master Gautama Buddha.

Everyone comes to celebrate their friendships,  the Earth’s spiritual progress,  their harvest, your harvest, and their love for Sanat Kumara.

We were privileged to join them for a Shamballa Harvest Ceremony on November 22nd at 5 PM PST online in Sanctuary.


What can you expect from the Samballa Harvest Ceremony?

  • to experience the ideal Thanksgiving Celebration in the Light (a perfect way to set up your Holiday experience)
  • to celebrate your personal harvest for this year at the most Sacred Temple of Shamballa
  • to have a personal audience with Sanat Kumara
  • to sing your song of gratitude and thanksgiving
  • to receive a Light Song of Joy that will meet you right where you are.
  • to leave renewed in strength, renewed in energy, renewed in vitality from the beloved Lord of the World Himself, Guatama Buddha, that will hold you in a great momentum of energy for the next 12 months.

In October 2020 we had a Live Mercy Chant with Kwan Yin. Learn more HERE! Access the replay here.

Temple of Illumination

The Heart of the Goddess

A very special Sanctuary in the heart of the Goddess with Goddess Meru (an ancient powerful guardian of the Divine Feminine Ray on our planet) and Beloved Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love. 

We’ll be journeying to the Temple of Illumination in the sacred Mount Meru with our focus at Lake Titicaca in South America (on the border of Bolivia and Peru). You can catch the replay HERE.

All is revealed in the heart of Illumined Wisdom and Healing Peace. This Sanctuary is a deep inquiry with your Divine Mother.

In this Sanctuary you’ll be embraced in the Heart of the Divine Mother. As you allow yourself to surrender into the wholeness of your eternal life, you’ll remember who you are, as you receive Her kiss and hear individual guidance for the next season in your life.

Temple of Divine Justice and Opportunity

August 23rd at 5 PM PDT Lady Portia and Saint Germain will lead us through a Song of Balance.

The Song of Balance is the ultimate self-care. This Sanctuary is a sweet release. You’ll feel like you’ve spent the day at a Light Spa.

Lady Justice’s eyes are blindfolded. Here greatest help to us is to keep her focus only on the Love of the Divine.

The Queen of Heaven’s strength and compassionate heart will embrace you and infuse you with the Light Codes of Divine Justice.

The Song of Balance will bring you deep peace and harmony.

Catch the replay here.

a violet lotus flower symbolizing Kwan Yin's Invitation
Temple of Mercy

Kwan Yin’s Invitation

End your relationship to all suffering and your attachments to it.

Kwan Yin has invited us to her Temple of Mercy in the etheric realms over Beijing China, for a HUGE HEALING

Watch the 2 minute video HERE.

Kwan Yin’s gift is a mega release of all attachment to suffering and pain.

What can you expect from Sanctuary on Sunday?

You’ll be:

  • Released from the long story of suffering through many lifetimes
  • Embraced in the Bodhisattva”s Compassionate Heart
  • Baptized in the Living Waters of Mercy 
  • Healed of the old wounds that create confusion and distress in your life
  • Reborn anew in the song of the Angels

Listen to the Morning Light Meditation to prepare yourself for Sanctuary on Sunday.

Catch the replay here.

two tulips laying together in perfect symetry

Twin Flame Union

The battle of the sexes is over!

As the ancient history of the push, pull, the tension and fear between the sexes dissolve not only within the human male and female genders, also within our own balance of the masculine and feminine energies…we are being reborn into the new tantric dance of this Golden Age of Miracles.

This new artistry in our relationships will empower everyone to be more of themselves and spurn their gifts into full expression.

What can you expect from this Sanctuary?

Connect and receive guidance from your twin flame. The loving Presence of Ascended Master Saint Germain and Lady Portia (read about their love story here) and Beloved Isis and Osiris will be over Lighting us throughout.

Forgive and release the battle of the sexes within all of your lifetimes

Reunite with your own sacred sexuality and awaken your sensuality as a human body on the Earth.

Find out where you’re holding back from being a radical love.

If you can’t be with us live, catch the replay here.

Temple of Resurrection

Birthing You Crystalline Light Body

Mother Mary, and her twin flame Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope, with Jeshua, known as Lord Sananda, are asking us to come into the Temple of Resurrection to experience a full integration of our 5th dimensional crystalline solar light bodies. Catch the replay here.

This is a transmission, a Resurrection Master Course experiential.

Mother Mary says that it is not necessary for you to fully understand this, in order to participate.

In fact it’s beyond what our human minds can take in at this time.

This is a huge opportunity to be reborn into the Light.

The good news is you’ve got nothing to lose except pain and suffering.

What is life like in a fully integrated Crystalline solar Light Body?

  • You’ll have complete FREEDOM of movement physically and ethereally.  That means on this planet and throughout the cosmos.
  • Your Light body will become dominant.  That means you will not experience pain, sickness, decay, or death; as we understand it.
  • The Glory of Joy will flow through your life.  You’ll feel body happiness on a regular basis.
  • Divine AUTHORITY will become natural for you, which will affect every area of your life; including your money life.
  • You’ll begin connecting with the playfulness and magic of the Elemental Kingdom, which will bring you extraordinary satisfaction and delight in your work.
Ascension Temple of Luxor, Egypt

I AM Sovereign

Lady Hope Eternal will be leading us as we step into our divine authority, our sovereignty. Serapis Bey (a Seraphim embodied) and the brotherhood/sisterhood of Luxor, have opened up their Temple of Ascension for us this month. Order the replay here.

We use the mighty pull from this Temple and your special place on Mother Earth to do some incredible Light work together.

The Sophia Dragons, the Seraphim of Sovereignty, assist us in birthing our sovereignty and our creations.

What will you experience in this powerful Sanctuary?

  • A true process of transcendence and ascension
  • The 12 Solar Aspects of Deity as your own superpowers
  • An unleashing the command of your ‘NO’
  • The Cosmic Spirit of Lady Hope charging through any disbelief in yourself.

white cherry blossoms against a vivid blue sky
Temple of Resurrection

In the Eye of the Storm

Mother Mary and the Goddess of Spring, Amaryllis guide us into a sanctuary of celebration and service with the Elemental Kingdom. Catch the replay here.

We use the full momentum of the Resurrection Flame to strengthen our immunity and spiritual strength.

What can you expect from this luscious Sanctuary?

A release of fear and worry in the bosom of the Divine Feminine and the Nature Kingdom

An opportunity to celebrate Spring as we dance with Amaryllis and the Elemental Kingdom

Strength and faith from Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Angelic Kingdom

A simple prayer of Divine Protection for yourself and your loved ones to use over and over again

photo by Finn-E on Unsplash

Pathway of the Rose

The Temple of Illumination

A very special Sanctuary the Pathway of the Rose healing meditation with Goddess Meru (an ancient powerful guardian of the Divine Feminine Ray on our planet) and Beloved Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love. 

We’ll be journeying to the Temple of Illumination in the sacred Mount Meru with our focus at Lake Titicaca in South America (on the border of Bolivia and Peru). You can catch the replay here.

What you’ll experience in this Sanctuary:

  • Walk the pathway of the Pink Rose into your full Illuminated Wisdom.  You’ll use this meditation over and over again.
  • Accept the invitation from Goddess Meru to train in the feminine nature of Wisdom.
  • Feel the power of sustained Peace pulsating through this mountain as Celestial Beings add their Cosmic Momentum to Illumination’s Flame
  • Help to establish the Feminine Ray of Wisdom as it becomes the strongest current on the planet in South America.
  • Receive clarity on what is yours to do NOW.

What to bring:
If you can find a pink rose, have it with you for our time together.  Even a picture will do.

What Goodness has happened to you this month?  We’ll have a short time of sharing and celebration at the beginning of Sanctuary.  Sharing our experiences of Ascension empowers all of us on this incredible freedom journey.

A journal. 

Celebrate your freedom Sanctuary. Showing a picture of the Carpathian Mountains were the Temple of Freedom is located in the Etheric Realms
Temple of Freedom

Celebrate Your Freedom

Once again we come together with the Angels and the Elementals in conscious cooperation.  We worship together in ceremony as we walk hand in hand along the path of evolution.

Saint Germain, the God of Freedom and his Divine Complement, Lady Portia, the Goddess of Justice, invite us to join them in their Temple of Freedom.

Celebrate with the Angels and the Elementals the Golden Age of Freedom.  You can catch the replay here.

Lady Portia is the Queen of Heaven.  She says:  “Come and dance with us.  Sing praises to the Most High and be filled with joy.  The age of clearing your karmic debt is over. Hallelujah!”

Temple of Light Integration

Temple of Light Integration

On the Light Waves of Winter/Summer Solstice, we are literally being REBORN into our New Light Body.

You are a Temple of Light. Your 12 strands of DNA are being fully restored and activated.

This Sanctuary, December 22, 2019 at 5PM PST, is designed for you to fully embrace this HUGE influx of Rainbow Light within the subtle bodies of your Auric Field.

To join us LIVE, sign up HERE. You can listen to the replay anytime HERE.

What will you experience?

You’ll leave this Sanctuary:

  • Feeling restored and ready for the Holy Days.
  • Satiated in Paul the Venetian’s unconditional Love and the Comfort of the Holy Spirit.
  • Grounded and centered in the Stillness of your Soul.
  • Reborn and Renewed in the 12 Rainbow Rays and your Light Body
photo by Gerhard Gellinger

Love Exchange with Lady Master Venus

I have been in love with Lady Venus for over a decade.  I’m thrilled to dance with Her, the Angelic Host, Saint Germain and YOU in Sanctuary, December 8th at 5PM Pacific. You can get your replay here.

Lady Master Venus is the Goddess of Beauty.  She is the twin flame of Sanat Kumara.  During His voluntary exile on Earth, Lady Venus guided and protected the planet, Venus.  She is a powerful Lady Master.

Venus has revealed Herself to me as the Chohan of the 10th Golden Ray of Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, and the God Supply of all that is good.

This Goddess of Love Beauty, Saint Germain, and the Angels of Abundance are inviting us into a Love Exchange in the Temple of Shamballa.    

This is an ancient form of worship and praise that will leave you:

  • Steeped in the High Frequency of the Golden Mist
  • Feeling completely Beautiful and Loved
  • Joyful and FULL as we sing praises and celebrate the Dance of Love Beauty

This Sanctuary is the perfect way to set up your Holiday Season in Love Beauty.


The Ultimate Thanksgiving

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Celebration in Shamballa with Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus.  We met the Company of Heaven on November 24, at 5:00 pm PST. Catch the replay here.

This is the time of year when the Kings Highway has opened up and all the Cosmic Beings of Light come together to celebrate their friendships,  the Earth’s spiritual progress,  their harvest, and their love for Sanat Kumara.  And we are privileged to join them.

What can you expect from this Sanctuary?

  • The ideal Thanksgiving Celebration in the Light (a perfect way to set up your Holiday experience)
  • An opportunity to celebrate your personal harvest for this year at the most Sacred Temple of Shamballa
  • A personal audience with Sanat Kumara
  • A chance to sing your song of gratitude and thanksgiving
  • Receive a Light Song of Joy that will meet you right where you are.

Where we’ve been

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Transform your Relationship

Is there someone in your family that pushes your buttons as no one else can?

In this Sanctuary Lady Nada and Lady Charity helps us transform this relationship into pure LOVE.

This Sanctuary is an invitation into the heart of the Universal Divine Mother to permanently release the last stronghold of emotional pain and injury in this relationship

Taking full advantage of the open portal of the Temple of Transfiguration in the etheric realm above Mt. Meru, Tanzania. Join us live on November 10, 2019, at 5 PM PST by CLICKING HERE. You can pick up the replay here.

Temple of Transfiguration with Lady Nada

Nurturing the Blissful Observer

Sunday, October 27th we anchored and nurtured the Blissful Observer. You can pick up the replay anytime after our Sacred Healing Light Meditation here.

Everything is happening quickly now.  Have you been noticing the mass movement of FIRE? It’s as if the entire world is going up in the smoke of irritation, anger, protests, and wildfires. 

There is a deep cleansing of all illusion and human density going on.

This Sanctuary is designed to restore your soul and to lift into the balcony of the blissful observer and be nurtured.

Humpty Dumpty is having his great fall.

Yet, all is truly well.  

The Divine Plan is taking place, radiating an enormous amount of Love of the Divine Feminine.  Lady Nada is the BIG MEDICINE that is holding this Sacred Space for us.

Your greatest service to see that plan completed is for us Lightworkers to remain calm and peaceful in our Divine Presence.  To stay in the balcony, beyond limiting human ideas, systems, and structures. The balcony of the Blissful Observer.

The best way to do that is to stay High in the Light fully nurtured.

Lady Nada the Goddess of Love takes us through an initiation of transfiguration.

In this Sanctuary you will:

  • Experience Lady Nada’s incredible Presence of Unconditional Love
  • Accelerate your Ascension as you step up in vibration, permanently
  • Be welcomed into a new way of being as you receive your new seamless garment of Christ Buddha Light
  • Be saturated in Ruby Violet Radiance and the Light Song  so you go beyond your human limitations
white husky running toward you on a rainbow bridge of Ascension
Temple of Mercy with Kwan Yin and the Elders

Prepare the way of the Great Embrace with Kwan Yin and the Elders

This powerful Sanctuary was live online on Sunday, October 13th at 5PM PST. You can pick up the replay here.

We will be moving quickly into functioning more from our Light Bodies then ever before and it’s time to prepare the way for the ride of our lives.

What does that really mean? Any part of yourself that you are still rejecting will slow you down and feel like dead weight.

Allow yourself to come into Kwan Yin’s Presence of Mercy and Compassion with our Earth Ancestors, to bring all aspects of yourself Home. 

It’s time to let yourself off the hook for ALL OF IT!  To forgive yourself everything.

A Message from Kwan Yin

“The movement is quickening now towards your Ascension.  Allow the Elders, the Grandmothers, and the Grandfathers, of the Earth and my Beloved team of Lady Masters, to help you release into the Light the last fragmented parts of your being. 

Let us prepare you for the next month and beyond.  For the transfiguring power, the change in your bodies and minds will be much easier with a lighter load.  You are becoming your Light Body as you are preparing for Divine Union with your Sacred Holy Self.

I’m calling you to consciously come ‘Home’ to your Beloved I AM Presence within my Temple of Mercy.”

Kwan Yin overlooking the world as she sits in Mercy and Compassion for all.
photo by Varun Nambiar 

Sound of Compassion Healing

The Sound of Compassion Sanctuary was live on Sunday, 9/22/19. You can pick up the replay any time here.

There is so much uncertainty in the air.  Things that have seemed to always be in place are changing rapidly. 

Are you feeling stressed? 

Relationships are ending, governments appear to be in chaos, the old paradigms are crumbling, and all of this is triggering ancient trauma that’s wanting to be permanently released. 

Our oldest fears and worries, especially around our security and money are coming to the surface.

Who’s really in charge here?  What about the future?  Will there be enough? Am I enough?

We came together and released all of our stress and di-stress in the Sound of Compassion Healing with Kwan Yin and her legions of Angels of the Violet Fire. 

Kwan Yin has opened up her Temple of Mercy and Compassion for us. What does this mean for us?

FREEDOM!  This most exquisite Lady Master is dedicated and consecrated to eliminate and dissolve all distress and stress that is making you feel weighted down. 

In this Sanctuary you’ll:

  • Clear all of your suffering across all of your lifetimes in the Flame of Mercy and Compassion
  • Remember that you are a Sovereign Creator
  • Honor the wholeness of your true nature
  • Release the ancient stress of ‘NOT ENOUGH’
  • Receive a Sound Healing of Compassion for yourself and all of life
A sea of peace with a small sail boat reflecting a sunrise; restoring your soul
Temple of Resurrection

Restore Your Soul

September 8th, the Angels of Peace and Resurrection,  Mother Mary, Jeshua, and our Beloved Lady Hope want to minister to you.

Come and bathe in the waters of Peace and release all burdens of all that is going on in your life and in the world.

Are you ready come out of the feelings of overwhelm and responsibility? You’ll be restored and renewed in the Sacred Fire.

Lady Hope

Lady Hope is going to saturate you with her incredible power of Hope Eternal.  You’ll leave this Sanctuary feeling like you have been born again and excited about your journey.Restore You Soul whenever you need it. You can pick up the replay any time here.

Temple of Resurrection

Golden Mist Abundance Upgrade with the Angels of Abundance

Do you realize what an opening we have each month by having a Retreat of an Ascended Master(s) open to us by Divine Design? 

Think of the Temple of Resurrection as a sanctuary, a portal, and a gateway to speed up our ascension process and continue to build the momentum of our Light quota – for ourselves and for all life on Earth.

I’m excited this Sunday, August 26th the Angels of Abundance have asked us to gather for a Golden Mist  Abundance Upgrade.

You can pick up the replay any time here.

They’ve asked for you to be there and to be fully present.  Bring some cash with you and if possible be in a place that you can lay down on the Earth. (Your sofa, carpet, or bed will do as well).

The Angels of Abundance want us to participate with them in pulling the Abundance (the Gold) of Venus through our hearts and upgrade our ability to receive as well as give a huge boost to the Elemental Kingdom and all of humanity for these purposes:

  • To go into the memory banks of all of humanity and release centuries of old money programming that makes us feel victimized by a system that we have no control over.
  • To help us release the continuous focus on ‘not enough’, lack of money, unworthiness, doubt, and fear.
  • To allow our hearts to open in compassion to the Elemental Kingdom that is involved in all the choices mankind has made because of greed and money that have affected all of the elementals on this planet, including our Body Elementals – and free them of this burden.
  • To lift us out of this old belief system of powerlessness and give us an upgrade that will allow the Opulence of Heaven to make a new flow pattern in our lives.
  • To anchor a huge shift through everyone that’s stepped into the 5 Day Challenge – Take back your money power with the Angels that starts on Monday. If you haven’t signed up yet.  There’s still time and it’s free. Click here

Where we’ve been and replays

Elephant on the road, dissolving into a glorious golden sky as he's leaving the tribe
Temple of Resurrection

Leaving the Tribe Healing

As a Lightworker you have experienced leaving tribe many, many times.  For we are the ones that open up to the new ideas of Ascension. 

The tribe does its best to keep you within the beliefs and traditions that make a tribe, a tribe.  That keeps the boundaries and the rules safe and unthreatened by new ideas.

  • Have you experienced or are you experiencing a difficult divorce?  
  • Do you long to be seen and acknowledged for who you are?  
  • Do you feel like a stranger in your own family of origin?  
  • Are you ready to release the old heartache of separation?

It’s time to accept your true power of your GOD FREEDOM of who you really are, beyond the tribe.

When a Lightworker goes into the unknown you are fulfilling your divine assignment of expanding the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven.

Jeshua and the Beloved Mother of us all Mother Mary have called us into the Temple of Resurrection to heal this ancient wound of separation together.

You can pick up the replay any time here.

Leaving the Tribe is an illusion of our Earth schoolroom. Releasing the heartache is an important step in our Ascension to the Higher Octave of Mastery.

an original painting of Mother Mary with her eyes closed and in listening grace
Temple of Resurrection

Surrender into Grace with Mother Mary

When you Surrender into Grace with Mother Mary it gives space that allows your ‘I AM’ Presence, your Divinity, to take over. 

In this Surrender into Grace Sanctuary you’ll:

  • Experience the depth of Mother Mary’s love for you
  • Feel the release of letting go of all your worries and anxiety
  • Receive a transmission of Grace and Peace that will be permanently established within your Auric field
  • Saturate in listening grace and hear Mother Mary’s message for YOU!

Purchase the July 28, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Temple of Resurrection – A Physical Healing with Mother Mary

Receive a physical healing with the assistance of Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, and Jesus.

Once again the Temple of Resurrection helps bring Peace, Restoration, and Resuscitation to nourish mankind and the nature kingdom.

The Resurrection Flame is the quickening of the Light of Life within each cell in our body, enabling the Inner Light to throw off the appearance of illness and limitation.

We use this Flame to heal our bodies.

Mother Mary will helps us get under the core and cause to bring about a permanent physical.

Purchase the July 21, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Royal Teton Retreat

June 30th  we participated in a mass cleansing of the Etheric Body.

We cleared out our ancient memories of devastation, the trauma of war, the suppression of abuse and poverty. 

We cleansed all guilt, conscious and unconscious, and all that has broken and wounded our hearts and our bodies.  We did this for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Jeshua, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, the Dolphins, our Ancestors, the Archangels, the Mighty Elohim and the entire Galactic Council of Light assisted us in this powerful activity of Light. 

We gathered at the Royal Teton Retreat in the etheric realms.

Purchase the June 30, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Temple of the Sun

June 23rd at 5PM PST

A special Sanctuary celebrating the Solstice in the Temple of the Sun accompanied by Holy Amethyst, the Archeia of the Violet Flame.

We came home to Mother Father God and were empowered in our purpose for the next Season from of the perspective of our Eternal Life of Glory

During the Solstice the veil is very thin. We took full advantage to play in the open channels of LIGHT!

In this Sanctuary we had the opportunity to:

  • Ride in a chariot of the Mother Flame of Violet Fire into the Temple of the Sun with Holy Amethyst
  • Bask in the Eternal preciousness of your life and receive a message from your Source
  • Receive clarity on what your focus is for this season of Summer/Winter
  • Play in the creation of Sound and Light with the spirit of your Dolphin brothers and sisters
  • Receive a Sacred Healing Light Meditation that will meet you right where you need it

Purchase the June 23, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

woman's silhouette surrounded by circles of colors and light

Temple of Ascension

May 26th we experienced a 
Cleansing of our Auric Fields in the Ascension Temple at Luxor

Purchase the May 26, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

The opportunity to work closely with the high frequencies and authority of the Mighty Seraphim and Beloved Master Serapis Bey at the Ascension Retreat in Luxor is remarkable.

The Angelic Realm gives us extra-ordinary assistance by permanently releasing accumulated human debris in our auric fields.

Through chanting, meditation and Light Sound we’re releasing decades of accumulated toxic spiritual waste of grief, fear and lack.

You will leave feeling spiritually cleansed and strong. You’ll be MADE NEW permanently.

inside a temple water is reflecting arches of golden light
Temple of Resurrection

Temple of Resurrection

During this month the full power of the Resurrection Flame flooded the Earth.  We see it as the resurrection of Spring here in the North Hemisphere.

The Resurrection Temple over the Holy Land streamed this river of divine energy to every one.

“Call forth that Flame of the Resurrection! Let that which seems ‘dead’ within you, LIVE! The light of God, the youth of God, the sight of God, the hearing of God, the beauty of God, the love of God, the opulence of God, the all–encompassing nature of God, IS ALIVE WITHIN YOU!”

Archangel Gabriel

What are you ready to resurrect in your life? 

May 12th – Dance with the Divine Mother and the Nature Spirits.

Spring time is orchestrated by the Directors of the Elemental Kingdom from the Temple of Resurrection.  This Mother’s Day meditation, hosted by Mother Mary and Jesus with all the Lady Masters is a celebration designed to harmonize your beauty and your body with the power and solidity of the Earth in a playful dance.   You’ll leave feeling super grounded and joyful.  Feeling precious, powerful and ready for anything.

Purchase the May 12, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

April 28th – Wake up meditation! What is yours to do?  Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope drew us into a deep remembrance of our sacred vows for this life time.  Surrounded by the Celestial Beings of Light in the Temple of Resurrection, including Krishna, Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael and all the Angels and Ascended Masters, they assisted us in drawing down from our treasures in heaven; our own storehouse, what we need RIGHT NOW to do what is ours to do.

Purchase the April 28, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

On April 14th we had a very special Ho’oponopono Sanctuary with Saint Germain, the Violet Flame and the Company of Heaven.
This ancient Huna Prayer makes all things right. Read more about it here. Purchase the April 14, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

March 31st we were led by Saint Germain, The Avatar of the Age of Aquarius. He is the Master of Freedom and wants to show us how to protect ourselves and keep our energy high. Purchase the March 31, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Archangel Chamuel a picture of a pink rose with adoration on it

The Mighty Elohim Orion and Angelica’s Temple of Love was open for us in February and March.  This Temple is the heart chakra for Mother Earth.  Lady Nada’s Temple of Love over Bedford, Massachusetts was the containers for our Sanctuaries, on February 24th and March 10th.

On March 10th – Lady Nada (the Goddess of Love and the Lady Master of the 6th Ray of Peace, Grace and Ministration; with Lady Master Rowena (Lady Master of the 3rd Ray of the Divine Feminine Pink Ray of Unconditional Love), came together to bring us a Healing Rose Meditation to help us lift our most difficult relationship into its eternal resolution and freedom.
Purchase the March 10, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

On February 24th – Archangel Chamuel and Lady Charity, the Archangels of the 3rd Ray invited us to come and not only cleanse our experience with money … on a personal and global level, but to increase and multiply the flow of our funds. Purchase the February 24, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

January 27 and February 10th we went to Kwan Yin’s Temple of Mercy.

On February 10th Kwan Yin took us through a sexual healing.
Purchase the February 10, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

On January 27th we healed our hearts of all that felt unlovable.
Purchase the January 27, 2019 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Kwan Yin’s temple of Mercy is pulsating the magnificent Violet Flame of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation, Freedom and Forgiveness this month in FULL POWER.

Read Kwan Yin and Mother Mary’s message on this blog post.

On January 13th St. Germain, Paul the Venetian and the Holy Spirit took us through a deep process to develop a road map for 2019.  

Purchased the January 13th, Sanctuary replay >>> HERE

December 30th @ 5PM PST we gathered to fully let go of 2018 in the Cauldron of Violet Fire.  On the last days of each year, everyone is placed in this Lake of Mercy.  It is established right above the Royal Teton Retreat to release all shadow energy accumulated throughout the year.  This usually happens to us during our sleep time.  When we go together and do this consciously with the assistance of Saint Germain, Kwan Yin, Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst we’ll be freed up in places we haven’t even identified yet. Purchase the December 30, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

November 15th – December 9th,  Beloved Gautama Buddha (the Lord of the World), Sanat Kumara (Regent to the Earth also the Ancient of Days) and Lord Maitreya (The Buddha) invited us to come and saturate in the Magnificence of Shamballa.

Purchase the December 9, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Purchase the November 25, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

The great Chohans of the Mighty Rays, all of the great Masters, all of the Angels connected with Earth’s evolution (YOU) return annually to Shamballa.

Shamballa holds your heart.  It holds the Pink Sun (of the Holy Spirit) and it holds the Flame of the Three-Fold Flame for the planet.

This is a time of harvest and gratitude, not only here on Earth but in the Heavenly Realms.

What can you expect from Sanctuary this month?

  • A Celebration of all you’ve accomplished this past year in your life and spiritually
  • A Release of all disappointments and sadness.
  • A deep heart connection with the Masters and the Archangels
  • A transformation with Venus, the Goddess of Beauty

October 28th – November 11th, we had the opportunity to have full access to Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Freedom and all of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elementals that serve with her.

Purchase the November 11, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Purchase the October 28, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Mankind is in need of Mercy this year.  This is retreat was opened twice this year.

Under Kwan Yin’s care we focused on stepping into our own unconditional self-love, and forgiveness of the old paradigm of the bullies.

Read more about it by CLICKING HERE.

The qualities of the 7th Ray, which are Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness and Freedom turbo charged our lives.

Her retreat, the Temple of Mercy, is in the etheric realm in the foothills above Beijing, China.  Kwan Yin is a master of the 7th Ray, the Violet Ray.

What does that mean for us?  The qualities of the 7th Ray, which are Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness and Freedom on turbo charge in our lives.

Her retreat, the Temple of Mercy, is in the etheric realm in the foothills above Beijing, China.  Kwan Yin is a master of the 7th Ray, the Violet Ray.

This was a brilliant opportunity to let the energy of the Transfiguration Ray lift you up into JOY and Victory.  We saturated in Victory on September 30th and October 14th.

Purchase the October 14, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Purchase the September 30, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

August 26th and September 9th,  we worked with Kwan Yin and Mother Mary to heal the shadow of lack and fear of the unknown, aka the future.

Purchase the September 9, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

Purchase the August 26, 2018 Sanctuary replay >> HERE.

On August 15th we had the opportunity to have full access to Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Freedom and all of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elementals that serve with her.


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