Creative Abundance with Mother Mary

picture of Mother Mary and Jennifer Russell and the words Creative Abundance with Mother Mary

Transform your money blueprint in a supportive intimate journey with Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance.

Connect deeply
Allow Mother Mary and the Angelic Realm to support you in creating abundance in your life beyond what you have ever known.

Release the old way of doing money and embrace your creative power.

Step into a whole new way of creating with the Divine Feminine in the community.



"This experience has and continues to inspire, uplift, and transform my relationship with Spirit and all of Life.  Since participating in the Creative Abundance Program with Mother Mary, I have received large amounts of unexpected income ($20,000 in 2 months). I continue to receive from the infinite flow of money, and blessings to fill my needs and more.

                                                                          - Judy Blaise, RScP


"You have set me on my forward purpose again with all my beloved angels and archangels and with my beloved Mother Mary. I AM HOME! I want to study with you forever.   PS $7,000 came in with the exercises you gave us." 

- Julaina   

This can happen for you too.

It’s time to step out of the old way of doing money and into a new faith currency!


Are you ready to:

●     Clear out the old clutter of scarcity in your energy fields - come into miracle readiness?

●     Build your spiritual strength and claim your divine inheritance of Opulence and FREEDOM?

●     Establish your Heavenly team - walk and counsel daily with the Angels of Abundance and the Masters?

●     Feel seen, heard, and supported in a loving community?

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I’ve been right where you are. As a spiritual mentor, a musician, and a missionary kid, I’ve had a long journey in the contrast of lack and abundance.  I’ve been a single parent and a musician in panic of how to pay the rent. I’ve had the opportunity to make lots of money that left me fatigued and empty.  I’ve experimented in the bliss of ignorance, luck, and wishful thinking around money.

But everything changed one rainy afternoon in Ukraine at a funky art gallery off the main highway, Mother Mary called my name.

As she began mentoring me I started to heal deep within the memories of my heart. My money angst started to give way to peace and freedom. In my sessions and my Academy, people began to be healed; of illness, broken hearts, and financial pain.

There’s a deep ‘mother’ healing that happens when you let Mother Mary work with you. She knows your heart. She knows your pain. Abundance flows through Her heart.

Mother Mary and I have written several books, 21 Days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, How to Create with Mother Mary and Friends, and Empowered Prayer. All of them have focused around how to flow in your true wealth and abundance as a co-creator with the Beloved Divine.

I have a couple of questions for you:

  • Are you tired of hearing that you’ve been put here for something exceptional and yet you feel stuck and can’t stand it any longer?
  • How can you be a channel of Light when you’re out of harmony with your money and pissed off by the financial system we're in?

My desire is to help you release your money fears and worries so you can step into the deep calm of trust. That you know, on a cellular level, that you are always cared for every moment of every day, no matter what is going on around you.

That the feeling of desperately needing to make something happen has released into a joyful knowing of receiving.

The Universe always has your back, even in a world crisis.

What makes this program unique?

This is not the same old prosperity program. Mother Mary and our entire heavenly team are bringing in a new spiritual technology of faith currency through us.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard or experienced.

We study the Ascended Masters and use their wisdom and instruction.

This is an experiential journey of faith and receiving through your own innocence and creative power. The new light keys and codes of Opulence are now available to us.

Are you ready to transition out of the old energetic patterns and transcend into the new 5D experience of exchange?

You’re invited to this party of Opulence.

All needs met, all the time, every time and so much MORE!

Are you ready to be embraced in Mother Mary’s heart like these Lightworkers?

"What a powerful experience!  The new faith currency meditations have been quite moving for me and often bring me to tears. The songs of light language are incredibly profound and transformative. I feel a healing taking place on a very deep level.  Thank you, Jennifer."

- Shelby


"I am amazed at how different my life is, and rapidly the changes are happening, the fears and worries are gone, the desperate need to see the changes manifest in my life immediately is not there, it is replaced by a joyful knowing that everything is happening in Divine timing."



"Mother Mary feels so close, and I know with conviction now, that she is guiding me wholeheartedly. I could not be more grateful in joining the loving platform that Jennifer provides for us all."

- Tonia

You’re invited to Creative Abundance with Mother Mary

Here’s what’s included:


Opulence Infusion Master Course

Opulence Infusion is a radical money shift and a whole new beautiful way of attracting abundance.

Nurtured and instructed by Mother Mary and her Heavenly team, combined with yours, to receive weekly messages of encouragement and instruction.

Once a month you’ll receive a living transmission of Opulence through channelings, meditations, and Light Songs.


Experience transformative 60-minute journeys of Light and Sound within the powerful realms of the Ascended Masters' Healing Temples, deeply immersed in meditation and Light Song, available anytime for you.

You'll easily surrender the past and continue to fall deeper in love with the Beloved Divine - your True Self.  Sweet Spiritual FREEDOM!

Mother Mary Channeling Circles

You are welcomed into the heart of the Divine Mother and community every other Wednesday.

You are given the opportunity to ask any question for yourself or the world.

You'll receive a unique channeled practical message so that you can move forward in confidence and clarity.

A huge bonus that’s included in your membership is The Ascension Tool Vault.

A complete library of Master Courses with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Mother Mary, and the Mighty Elohim.

Designed to restore your soul, your heart bliss, your financial well-being, and your divine faculties (your psychic connection).



Wondering if Creative Abundance with Mother Mary is for you?

Are you lost in information and feeling alone spiritually and ready to be surrounded by a Beloved community of Lightworkers?

Do you feel powerless around your money and lack of purpose and want to live a life of freedom and abundance?

Have you become distracted from your Divine Mission and feel like you've lost your manifesting mojo?

Do you long to walk daily with the Angels and remember your creative power?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, Creative Abundance with Mother Mary is a perfect fit for you.


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