LFR Retreat 2020

Beloved Old Soul, you have incarnated thousands of times on this planet and you have built many treasures within your own Causal Body and your Akashic records.

You spent at least one lifetime in ancient Lemuria.  You were imprinted with deep spiritual knowledge, knowing you would be returning at this time to remember and reunite with your Lemurian Family and fulfill your sacred vows of creating a Divine New Earth, the New Lemuria, the Paradise re-birthed.

Come home and reunite with your Lemurian family, over the Equinox, September 20 - 23, 2020...online.

#2 Stones

Close your eyes and feel the gentle winds softly kissing your skin. You are sitting in an alcove in a circle, with the stones, and with the water. You’re in ceremony with your sisters. The Star Mother, your mentor is beautiful and benevolent. Her other-worldly presence is Angelic and you always feel comforted within the softness of her heart. Her wisdom teaches you of the brilliance and power of your divinity.

We are birthing, singing, and intuiting every move that needs to be made in this ancient tribe. The men delight in us, their women. They are proud and honored to follow our guidance and ‘second sight.’

What is possible by the end of this retreat?

You will be reunited with your Lemurian family and community

Your ancient memories of the Star Mothers will bring you home to yourself

Your sacred heart womb will be cleansed and restored

You’ll play in nature and your dreams with the Children of Telos

You'll learn the songs and language of light that will nurture you

Your artist, your poet, your inner child will be nourished and celebrated.

#4 noise of doubt

The White noise of doubt

Are those ancient deep, earthy feelings of longing in your belly real?

Is the divine guidance that you’re hearing genuine or are you just making it up?

Are we really creating a New Lemuria of Christ/Buddha Consciousness or is that another cop out for avoiding the pain of this world?

It’s time … to gather and expand the momentum of our ancient memories - together. We will be restored and activated for 2020 in our true identity. Together we raise the Divine Feminine remembrance for the entire planet.

If you’ve been doing a lot of your spiritual work alone and feeling isolated, in the Circle of this Family of Light, you will feel the intensity of your own Presence and take your place in this Divine Dance.

You'll see and feel for yourself - your part of this NOW Sacred Dance of Creation with our Star Mothers.

We need you to be there Beloved, for you are part of us.


Why Lemuria? Why now?

#5 Kauai

Your ancient memories of Lemuria are beginning to wake up. They can’t be denied. You are a part of a huge divine plan of rebirthing the perfect balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

“Reach for Lemuria’s vibration and find the lost paradise within yourself. All the keys for your return have always remained within your heart; they were never removed from you. Reactivate those treasures within the Self; and you will discover your Lemurian family awaiting your return." - Saint Germain (Telos, Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation)


Mount Shasta is the home of the present-day Lemurians.  They are survivors of the sinking of the continent of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago. Yes, our Lemurian brothers and sisters are real; they are well and physically alive, living in the subterranean city of “Telos.”

There’s an entry point of the Light-Grids for this planet at Mount Shasta. We’ll be using this Light-Grid throughout our Family Reunion.

This loving community is highly advanced and is ready to emerge, interact with us, and show us the way to create heaven on earth.

#6 Telos
#7 come home (1)

Come Home as You Let Go

By day, we’ll reunite with the Sisterhood of Lemuria as we wind through our own healing journey. We’ll be restored, renewed, and balanced, in our own Sacred Sanctuary and in Nature. We will be meeting our Lemurian Family in silence and in ceremony. Come night, we’ll retreat into deep intentional sleep after restorative yoga and a soothing house concert with Jennifer and Michael.

You’ll experience the healing life energy of our Star Mothers – in meditation, journaling in your own quiet spot, connecting and having meaningful conversations in our intimate breakouts ... this Retreat will bring you home and restore your soul.

#9 women of Lemuria

The Women of Lemuria

The Women of Lemuria: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times is a profound journey into our Lemuria heritage.

This book will bring our family tree together on this mystical journey. Not only will it take us deep into our own spiritual journey of remembering and reuniting with our Lemurian Family. It will activate us with the Light Codes that we’ve been dreaming of and wanting for a long time.

“How is the Lemurian experience relevant to today? Many of you in those days were taught core spiritual truths from the Pleidian Star Mothers, and it’s still in your Akash! Today that Akashic seed is ready to be awakened and is ready to change who you think you are” - Kryon

Circle of Light

With plenty of time to connect and quiet to integrate we’ll hold this powerful vortex online. You’ll open wide your experience of full-bodied ascension with the Star Mothers, your Telos Lemurian Family, the Masters, the Angels, the Galactics, and the Elemental Kingdom.

As a master of ceremony Jennifer will weave us through Light chants, Sacred (and not so sacred) Sounds, and Light Language. We’ll dance in the Holy Fire and catch revelations during our Dreamtime. We will pray, play, laugh, art journal, sing and meditate together … allowing your body and heart to receive everything that you’re asking for.

#10 Circle of Light 1



2020 has been a year like no other. Routines, plans, and securities that felt so real and important have vanished.

Your body, your dreams, and your life are being retooled for what’s ahead. This new Golden Age of Miracles comes from an ancient age that you participated in.

The Lemurian Family Reunion will give you a place to land in a circle of strong spiritual sisters that are ready for the huge revelations and vows from our ancestry to be put into motion now.

Synchronicities, your secret innermost dreams, and unexpected support all manifest with ease in the container of your Lemurian Family Reunion– as do tears, laughter, and air hugs. Not to mention a-ha’s and MAJOR breakthroughs! This retreat is life-changing.

Make no mistake, on this journey, with the support of our Star Mothers, and the Company of Heaven’s powerful energy you will:

• Discover and deepen the reservoir of healing energy within yourself
• Connect with your inner oracle and strengthen your practice of trust in yourself, your intuition, and your guidance
• Recognize how powerful you are and feel grateful for who you are and have been for eons of time
• Appreciate and honor the power of your womanhood as never before
• Identify those areas in your life where the equilibrium of the masculine and feminine is needed
• Break through the filters and connect to your Lemurian Family and the heavenly realms in a real way
• Get clear on what’s next in your life and how to take your spiritual practice to a higher level of intimacy
• Reconnect with your dreams and artistry

#12 stuck

If you’ve been stuck at home and your body, mind or soul are feeling depleted and run down, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to step outside your everyday life and play with the Children of Telos, your Star Mothers, the Angels, and the Masters, and your sisters on the ground.

Are you ready to be rebirthed in your divine purpose?

Whether you need a break from your daily routine, know it’s time to check-in and reassess your direction, are craving space to journal and dream or can feel you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough … then time to yourself, in a healing circle, within the support of the group is guaranteed to shake your soul free and rejuvenate you to do your good work in the world.

Collectively, we’ll be creating a huge vortex for activating the Lemurian Light Codes within and throughout humanity. We’ll be calling in the Company of Heaven to create an experience exponentially more amazing than your mind can fathom.

But you’ll have to say yes to join us to see!


This Family Reunion is a ‘YES’ for you if…

  • You know you are a Lightworker who is ready to take your next step on your path of ascension
  • You deeply care about helping more people and making the world a better place
  • You are open to all spiritual traditions
  • You believe in honoring Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, the Galactic Council of Light, the Elementals and Lemuria
  • You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred family of light
  • You secretly think you might be an oracle, a shaman or a healer
  • You’re both excited and nervous about this Family Reunion!
#13 yes
#14 not

This journey is NOT for you if…

• You aren’t willing to take a leap of faith
• You don’t believe we are ascending
• You don't believe in Lemuria, the Angels, or Ascended Masters
• You enjoy making excuses, being negative, or defensive.
• Adventure, personal growth, and major breakthroughs bore you
• You aren’t willing to laugh, cry, air hug, go deep – and walk off the deep end

What’s Included

2.5 days of teaching, guided meditations, healing sessions, and ceremonies + lots of deep conversation via Zoom and Facebook with Jennifer and the Ascension Practitioners from the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy and Sally Page

Equinox ceremony, and channelings with Jennifer and Dr. Amber Wolf

A Dream Journal art journey with Marjorie MacKenzie

An evening of Restorative Yoga with Jennifer’s favorite yoga instructor, Krissy Harb

An Intimate House Concert and Sing-a-long with Jennifer and Michael

What’s Not Included

This retreat has been scheduled as an in-person retreat for a long time.  However, at this time we feel that for your safety and for the ease of your decision, we’ll meet online via Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube.


Our Retreat Leader

Jennifer Ruth Russell

Jennifer has been a Spiritual Mentor for more than 18 years. She trained at Agape International Spiritual Jennifer has been a Spiritual Mentor Center, in Culver City, California, under Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. She has mentored thousands of clients and students in the depths of financial lack and heart ache, helping them to heal their hearts and lives by connecting to the Light of their own Divinity.

Jennifer is the founder and director of Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy. Diving deep into the Mysteries of the Higher Realms empowers students to become the healers they came here to be, emerging as an oracle of guidance for themselves and others.

Jennifer is also an award winning songwriter. Songs have always poured out of Jennifer’s heart. She loves to take people into the stillness of the soul and the playfulness of the light. She has written and recorded eleven CDs, including her award winning Virtues Songs A-Z for children, re-released as the Angel Songs for the Little Ones.

Jennifer is an author. Her two books, 21 Days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and How to Create with Mother Mary and Friends are tender connection with the Queen of Angels and instruction manuals on a new way of creating, through the Divine Feminine. Her new book, Empowered Prayer, will be published in November 2020.

Jennifer is the creator of Morning Light Meditations podcast. The first light of day is your chance to connect with your own superpowers, your Source. Come bathe in soft music, soothing meditation, and light songs.

When you are in her presence you will feel the deep connection of the Angels.

“A moment with Jennifer is like immersing yourself in the inspiration of the best music and the love of a most powerful prayer.” – Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Our Team of Guides


Marjorie MacKenzie will be leading you through our Dream Journal creations.

This beautiful journal will document your Lemurian Family dreams and experiences during our Family Reunion.

Marjorie will also be holding all of us in a prayer field throughout the retreat. She’ll be available to pray with you if needed.

Marjorie is an Ascension Practitioner, a Spiritual Mentor, and a Mentor Art Teacher.

Paula Casey Githens will guide you in discovering and experiencing the Healer within. You will learn how to deepen the reservoir of healing energy within yourself, as close as your hands and always available. You will learn a safe, go-to daily practice for soothing and transforming mental, emotional, physical or situational conditions using the incredible power of the Healing Rays.

Paula is an Ascension Practitioner, an active Spiritual Mentor and brings 30 years of experience as a Healer, writer, and Reiki Teacher.


Alejandra Hein is from Bolivia. She will introduce us to the meaning and concept of the ancient prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor and how it is reflected in our personal experiences. She’ll guide us through a meditation that will assist us in recognizing and healing the imbalances between the masculine and feminine energies in our lives.

Alejandra is an Ascension Practitioner, a Spiritual Mentor, a Faery Shaman, and a Seeker of Truth

Sally Page will be guiding us in an Ancestral Healing of the Womb.  The most potent creative center for women is the power of our womb. All of life is birthed through a woman's womb!

For humanity to claim their sovereign creative power, women must heal and empower the womb's sacred creative capacity.   We will be clearing and healing the wounding of thousands of years of old wounding and creative suppression held in your womb's ancestral lineage. 

You will experience a clearing of karma and transformation of DNA for yourself and those birthed through you.

Sally is a New Earth Visionary, Sound Healer, Coach and Medical Intuitive.






Krissy Harb will be leading us through a gentle restorative yoga practice to help us integrate our transformation and prepare for the Equinox.

Krissy is the owner and lead yogini at Spiritual Heart Yoga Center in Montrose, California.  She is committed to offering a sacred space to practice yoga and connect with community.

Final Message from Jennifer

My Beloved Friend,

You are a spectacular expression of Spirit.

You are not only powerful and precious, you are courageous. You have volunteered to be here at this amazing time of the Earth’s Ascension.

This retreat is a rejoining with your Lemurian Family of origin.  A time of deep remembering of why we are here now.  A time to embrace our true divine feminine nature of gentleness and power.  And a time to gather and treat yourself to the unconditional love of your family of light with you on Earth.

I can’t wait to see you. To see the whites of your eyes and to behold your beauty.

We are transcending the maya of this world, being of great service through our spiritual discipline

and now……

It’s time to play in the Light together. To be refueled and renewed in our journey of Ascension.

I would love to dance and sing and heal in the Lovelight with you. I invite you to create with me.