Unveiled Mysteries Retreat


If you’re a lighter worker who’s ready to take your ascension journey to a whole new level of connection with Master Saint Germain, Master Adama , your Lemurian brothers and sisters in Telos, the Galactics and your Family of Light here in the 3rd Dimension, then join Jennifer Russell, spiritual mentor, creator of the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy, ceremonial master + award winning songwriter for a heart-centered soul powered retreat in mystical Mt. Shasta, California June 20 – 24, 2018 during the Summer Solstice.


See this field is beautiful, there’s nothing spectacular about it to your human eye…but you find yourself drawn to it, it’s as succulent to your heart as honey is to a bee. You feel yourself being transported into bliss as you hear the voice of Beloved Master Adama. Your heart recognizes this High Priest of Telos and the portal that he has opened for you. This all feels very familiar to you … you’ve been here many times before. And although your conscious mind doesn’t rest on one particular memory, your body welcomes the opening of your ancient soul memories and your Lemurian DNA. You’ve come home.

Aaaaah the call of the Sacred Retreat and the mystical magic of Mount Shasta

What is possible by the end of this journey?

You have your own connection to the Ascended Masters and the Galactics that will be awakened and will travel with you on your journey forward

You amplify your spiritual practice into a love affair

You cross the veil with sisters and brothers of the Light, bonded deeply together on this journey of ascension

You learn the songs and language of light that will continue to nurture you

You know how to call upon the Elemental and Angelic Kingdom and your Galactic Family of Light to help you co-create a beautiful life.

You open up your third eye and the oracle within.

The white noise of doubt

Are you second guessing yourself?  

Is the divine guidance that you’re hearing real or are you just making it up?  

Are we really ascending or is that another cop out of avoiding the pain of this world?  

If you’ve been doing a lot of your ascension work alone and feeling isolated, in the Sanctuary of Mount Shasta you will feel the intensity of your Presence and your place in this Divine Dance.  

It’s time … to gather and expand the momentum of Light together. We will be actively raising the vibration for the entire planet.  

And you will see and feel for yourself your sacred part of this NOW Dance of Ascension.  

We need you to be there Beloved, for you are part of us.




Why Mount Shasta?

Mount Shasta is one of the most sacred places on Earth. The majestic and mystical mountain is a power source for this planet. It is a focus for Angels, Spirit-Guides, Spaceships, Masters from the Light Realm, and the home of the survivors of Ancient Lemuria. Mount Shasta is the home of the present-day Lemurians, survivors of the sinking of the continent of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago. Yes, our Lemurian brothers and sisters are real; they are well and physically alive, living in the subterranean city of “Telos.” If you feel your heart opening as you read this, you are deeply connected to them. Master Saint Germain has chosen Mount Shasta to be his focus for the United States. He along with Master Adama (the High Priest Of Telos) will be leading us through the Unveiled Mysteries Retreat. Through this retreat you have the opportunity to step through the portal, under the facilitation of Jennifer Russell, who has been a spiritual mentor and channel for over 16 years. Considered one of the “Power Spots” on the planet where the Sacred Fire is easily accessible and palpable, Jennifer has been working intimately with the Ascended Masters of Mount Shasta and this retreat will give you Sanctuary to support your deep internal work and to expand you into your next heart opening. So whether you’re well studied in the Seven Sacred Rays and Ascension or you’re new to the idea, what’s possible in Mount Shasta will astound and delight you.

Soothe Your Soul as You Let Go

By day, we’ll be winding our way through mystical journeys and the portals of Mount Shasta, following the footsteps of Saint Germain and Guy Ballard. We will be meeting our Galactic Family in silence and in ceremony. Come night, we’ll retreat to the beautiful Flowing Waters Retreat at Mt. Shasta Within its Beauty and Power, this meditative and inspirational retreat venue has forest walking paths, waterfalls and a deep natural crystal pool for swimming.

There you’ll experience the healing life energy – whether you’re in the Sunrise and Sunset Meditation Huts, journaling in your own quiet spot, doing yoga on the outside deck, or having meaningful conversation by the creek waters that flow next to Namaste House ... this Retreat will restore your soul.

I'm In!


Our Journey



We have a beautiful chance to steep in the magic of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, together.

Through ritual and song we’ll give way to the nurturing and healing that Mother Earth provides for us through her natural rhythms’ and cycles.

The Practitioners of the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy will pass through their rites of initiation.

Unveiled Mysteries

Unveiled Mysteries is an astounding memoir of Godfrey King’s many visits with St. Germain. They travel through time and space to lost continents, ancient civilizations, past lives, and to current secret retreats and mines inside mountains, including Mount Shasta.

This book will be our trail map on this mystical journey. Not only will it take us deep into our own spiritual journey of ascension, it will be our guide before we gather and as we explore the hidden places and magnificent surroundings of the mountain.



We’ll take pleasure in a luscious afternoon picnic in the forest, right on the mountain, for a cherished connection with our Lemurian family.  

Master Adama has opened an energy portal to assists us in raising our vibration to the 5D frequencies of Telos and New Earth. We’ll be traveling to Telos in our consciousness and etheric bodies under the guidance of Bryan Tilghman.

We will spend some time in general discussion and Q&A before traveling to Telos to visit with Master Adama and anyone else who may wish to address us.


The Galactics are Beings of Light that are future aspects of your Higher Self. They’ve come back to assist you and all of humanity.

You’ll meet your Galactic Family of origin. Asara is coming to spend an intimate time of sharing and channeling with us. She channels the Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light.

These joyful and supportive Beings of Light will give us an energetic upgrade. You’ll have an opportunity to ask the Council any questions, including inquiries about the New Earth.


Circle of Light 

With plenty of time to be still and alone in this powerful vortex you’ll opening wide your experience of ascension with the Masters, the Angels, the Galactics and the Elemental Kingdom.

As a master of ceremony Jennifer will weave us through Light chants, Sacred (and not so sacred) Sounds, and Light Language. We’ll dance in the the Holy Fire and catch revelations during our dreamtime. We will pray, play, laugh, paint, sing and meditate together … allowing your body and heart to receive everything that you’re asking for.

My soul so ready to go!


The Benefits

Craving some soul care?

You never know who you might meet – or what might happen in Mount Shasta. Just imagine the richness of those relationships and the results of you doing your inner work could bring to your life!

Synchronicities, your secret innermost dreams, and unexpected support all manifest with ease in Mount Shasta– as do tears, laughter, and hugs. Not to mention a-ha’s and MAJOR breakthroughs! This retreat is life changing.

Make no mistake, on this journey, with the support of Mount Shasta’s powerful energy you will:

Recognize how powerful you are, feel grateful for who you are and acknowledge all you’ve accomplished.
• Identify and break through personal barriers that are keeping you from connecting to the heavenly realms in a real way.
• Get clear on what’s next in your life and how to take your practice to a higher level of intimacy.
• Nurture your ability to connect with your Galactic Family.
Reconnect with what’s important to your heart and soul and strengthen your practice of living a life based on your intuition and guidance.

And if you’ve been running nonstop these days and your body, mind or soul are run down, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to step outside your everyday life and play with the Angels and the Masters.

Are you ready to accelerate your ascension journey?

So whether you just need a break from your daily routine, know it’s time to check in and reassess your direction, craving space to journal and dream or can feel you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough, then time to yourself, on the mountain, within the support of the group is guaranteed to shake your soul free and rejuvenate you to do your good work in the world.

Collectively, we’ll be pooling our energies and calling in the Company of Heaven to create an experience exponentially more amazing than your mind can fathom.

But you’ll have to say yes to join us to see!

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This journey is TOTALLY for you if…

  • You know you are a Lightworker who is focused on your ascension.
  • You deeply care about helping more people and making the world a better place.
  • You are open to all spiritual traditions
  • Believe in honoring Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, and the Galactic Council of Light
  • You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred family of light.
  • You secretly think you might be an oracle, a shaman or a healer.
  • You’re both excited and nervous about this trip!

This journey is NOT for you if… 

  • You aren’t willing to take a leap of faith.
  • You don’t don't believe we are ascending.
  • You don't believe in Angels or Ascended Masters
  • You enjoy making excuses, being negative or defensive.
  • Adventure, personal growth and major breakthroughs bore you.
  • You aren’t willing to laugh, cry, hug – and get a little dusty dirty.

The Bonuses!!

Just because we care, you’ll also receive:

  • A Clarity Call – 20 minutes of 1:1 time with Jennifer so she can get to know you personally and best support you on your journey
  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive update-to-date trip info) and then we’ll stay connected post-trip – and of course swap photos!
  • Pre-Trip Group Call – you’ll have the chance to meet everyone in the group, share your intent and learn how to best prepare yourself!
  • Post-Trip Group Call – we’ll gather to help integrate your experience once back at home!
  • Gift of Jennifer’s music – Jennifer’s heart opening Healing Collection, of 6 CDs, will prepare you for our time together

What’s Included

  • 5 days of teaching, guided meditations and ceremonies + lots of deep conversation all week!
  • Comfortable accommodations at Namaste House sngles occupancy for four nights (couples contact Jennifer)
  • Eleven delicious homemade meals
  • Summer Solstice ceremony, journeys and channelings with Jennifer, Bryan and Asara
  • Transportation coordination

What’s Not Included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home and your ground transportation
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, entrance to the Stewart Mineral Springs,
  • National Forest fees or side trips of your choice
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Yes, Jennifer, I'm in!


Your Retreat Leader


Jennifer Ruth Russell

Jennifer has mentored thousands of clients and students in the depths of financial lack and heart ache, helping them to heal their hearts and lives by connecting to the Light of their own Divinity.

Jennifer has been a Spiritual Mentor for more than 16 years. She trained at Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City, California, under Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (SuperSoul Sunday with Oprah).

Jennifer is the creator of Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy. This year long study into the Mysteries of the Higher Realms empowers students to become the healers they came here to be, emerging as an oracle of guidance for themselves and others.

Jennifer is also an award winning songwriter. Songs have always poured out of Jennifer’s heart. She loves to take people into the stillness of the soul and the playfulness of the light. She has written and recorded eleven CDs, including her award winning Virtues Songs A-Z for children.

Jennifer’s life vision is to uplift and empower lightworkers to live abundantly, and transform the world with songs and prayers that open the heart.

When you are in her presence you will feel the deep connection of the Angels.

“A moment with Jennifer is like immersing yourself in the inspiration of the best music and the love of a most powerful prayer.” –
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Our Guides


Bryan Tilghman

Author of Telos: Welcoming New Earth

Channel for Master Adama of Telos


Asara Adams

Galactic Advisor for Green Companies

Galactic Contact Facilitator

Channel for Adama of Telos, Archangel Michael, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

Founder of The Telos Channel:


Final Message from Jennifer


My Beloved Friend,

You are a spectacular expression of Spirit.

You are not only powerful and precious, you are courageous. You have volunteered to be here at this amazing time of the Earth’s Ascension.

You have all been doing amazing spiritual work on your own and now...it’s time for a reunion.

This retreat is a reunion of rejoining with your Galactic Family of origin. And a time to gather and treat yourself to the unconditional love of your family of light with you on Earth.

I can’t wait to hug you in person. To see the whites of your eyes and to behold your beauty.

We are transcending the maya of this world, being of great service through our spiritual discipline

and now……

It’s time to play in the Light together. To be refueled and renewed in our journey of Ascension.

I would love to dance and sing and steep in the Lovelight with you on Mount Shasta. I invite you to create with me.

Any questions, Please Contact: