Walk in the Way of the Angels

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Attention Lightworkers

Are You:

    • ready for a deeper connection in your spiritual practice?
    • loving your angel deck cards but you're longing for MORE?
    • timid in your prayer life and ready to become outrageously courageous and BOLD?
    • asking yourself, "How could such an Archangel have any time for me and my little problems?
    • excited to learn how the Mighty Archangels could help you with your financial situation?



The Angels are Real. In fact, you have a ministering Angel, who has trained with Archangel Uriel for hundreds of years to be your Guardian Angel. The entire job of your Guardian Angel is YOU!

Beloved Lightworker,

This is your time to shine and step into your sacred gifts as never before.

What would your life be like if you opened up to the full support of the Angelic Realm?

I have been a Spiritual Mentor for over 17 years.  I trained at Agape International Spiritual Center under Michael Bernard Beckwith.  I have mentored thousands of clients and students in the depths of financial lack and heart ache and have helped them, with the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, to heal their hearts and lives by connecting to the Light of their own Divinity.

When I started taking my relationship with the Archangels seriously.  My work started to be turbo charged.

I started to become courageous in my asking.  I really wanted to make a difference, just like you.

The Archangels gave me the strength to step out on the skinny branches of my faith and start following their guidance into places I never imagined.  They helped me take my Prayer Practice and my 1:1 Mystical Journey Sessions into a full blown Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.

People started being healed of cancer, broken hearts and financial pain.

My income has steadily increased.

The gap from desire to manifestation has gone from years of waiting, to days and moments.

I am so clear about what is mine to do and I am filled full with JOY.

I’m not unique.  This is happening to all my students as well and it can happen for you

That's why I created Walk in the Way of the Angels Master Course

In this master course you will not only learn how to connect with the Archangels, you will start to feel their presence and their radiation around you.  You will feel grounded and completely supported in your daily life.

As you focus on each Archangel and their specialty (their Ray),  not only will it change your life, it will get you up to speed with the New Earth and prepare you to fully participate in this new age, the Age of Aquarius, when we will once again walk daily with the Archangels and the Masters of Wisdom.  And the Elemental Kingdom will work with us in harmony once again.

The way you see the world and yourself in it, will completely change.

Walk in the Way of the Angels

Here's what you will learn in this Master Course:

  • How to open the door to the Angelic Kingdom and their ASSISTANCE
  • How to feel the Presence of the DIVINE more and more during your day
  • You will meet the Archangels and begin having an intimate RELATIONSHIP with them
  • You will grow spiritually by leaps and bounds
  • You'll start to see the value of your great service to yourself, the Earth, Mankind, and the Company of Heaven

Each class will be recorded, so that you can keep the deep meditations from this class to use over and over again.  And you will.

 You will also be purchasing your own text book, The Angelic Kingdom,  by Werner Schroeder.

This Master Course is offered in the Autumn.

Join US

The requirements for this class?  You must have a solid spiritual practice.  In order for this class to be effective in your life, you must be willing to fully participate.  This is a Master Class and you’ll be working as a master.

What’s included?

  • 8 Teaching modules
  • A Master Course go to Guide
    7 Guided Meditation Journeys to the Archangels Temples and Retreats
  • Community Support - 5 meetings per month

The class has been beautiful and I am going to miss it deeply. You guide the most wonderful meditations and those Tuesday nights I had the most blissful dreams and restful sleep. I felt profoundly connected to the teachings you introduced, which are now part of my daily life…I have a much deeper and strong connection with my beloved I AM Presence.

Alejandra Hein

La Paz, Bolivia

Thank you again for a wonderful class. I really enjoyed learning about the ascended masters. I loved your guided meditations. …I found it very useful in my creative endeavors.

Davina Kotulski, Ph.D.

Author, Psychologist, Life Coach, 


Oh Wise One! This class has been brilliant. I’ve loved every part of it!

Jessica Colp

Life Coach

You presented the material with great reverence and passion. you bring life to the work, make the teachings real and immediate. I will be part of the next class and look forward to it.

Peter Ross

Writer, Brooklyn, New York

This Master Course is part of your Full Membership to the Academy!

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