Clan of the Mama Bear

The Clan of the Mama Bear is the activism arm of the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.   We gather to increase the momentum of Light in our own lives and in helping to bring in the New Earth.

The Clan of the Mama Bear is a collective of Lightworkers representing the Divine Mother.  Anyone that is called to bring in the energies of the Divine Feminine is a part of the Clan of the Mama Bear

Our ongoing activities are the weekly Violet Flame Circle and the bi-monthly Sanctuary.

Taking courageous dreaming into action on January 20, 2021, we are holding a Circle of Light using song, decrees, and prayer to anchor Unity, Peace, and Love for the United States of America during this day of transition. JOIN US BY REGISTERING HERE.

When COVID began we held a prayer vigil for 2 months, three times a week.  Pause for Prayer nurtured many.

We have been holding the high watch for the activation of the Consciousness Codes for the Holy Innocents, the Millennials, and the Children.  This year we participated in supporting the global event, the 32nd World Congress on Illumination with Patricia Cota Robles and the Era of Peace Organization.

Every day of the WCI we came together to hold the Light in meditation, song and prayer.  We expanded the focal point to bring in these Light Codes and to place them within the Millennials and the Children.

Violet Flame Invocation Circle

The Violet Flame Invocation Circle is one of our main activities under The Clan of the Mama Bear.

This is a mighty circle of prayer.  Members have been healed of cancer, brain tumors, financial lack, and broken hearts in this circle.

Each week we speak the word specifically for establishing Heaven on Earth in these areas:

Divine Governance
Divine Justice
Prayer for the Liberation of Mother Earth, Imprisoned Angels and Elementals
Clean Air, Water, and the Freedom of Mother Earth
Well Being of All Animals
Healing All Water
Beautiful Aging
Divine Solution for Homelessness
Liberation from all Addiction
Birthing and Dawning of the 5th Dimensional New Earth
Prayer for our Holy Innocents, Millennials and Children
Freedom from Oppression and Slavery

We will also speak the word for anything that might be pressing your heart.  You are welcome to step in and speak the word or ask another member of the community to speak the word for you. You are also welcome to be present and simply hold the space.

There is no charge to join us.


Mother Mary’s message for us on August 7, 2018:

“The Light of Heaven knows no bounds.  The celebration of Light, the opening for the Holy Innocents is completely orchestrated already.  We are asking you to simply take your place, come together and hold the Light together.  It will help us to have a focal point to bring in these Light Codes and to place them within the Millennials and the Children..

Come together to encourage each other to stay vigilant in these 6 days.

Celebrate my Ascension (August 15th) as you celebrate your own.  Your willingness to hold vigil is incredibly valuable.

Thank you.  We will be lifting all of you in your Ascension process this week.  As there will be more focused Light flowing through you, we’re asking you to stay focused on the Love Light and the innocence of all beings, including your own.

Sing, laugh, pray, and be still together.

The Clan of the Mama Bear is being established and will be used often in the future to hold the door open for helping mankind during this volatile time of Ascension.

I love you, Mother Mary

What is the Clan of the Mama Bear?

The Clan of the Mama Bear is a collective of Lightworkers representing the Divine Mother.  Anyone that is called to bring in the energies of the Divine Feminine is a part of the Clan of the Mama Bear.  As Her emissaries on the Earth, we hold the High Watch for mankind’s Ascension in the Light.  We hold the Reverence for all of Life.

Just as the constellation of the Ursa Major, the Great Bear looking over the Ursa Minor the Lesser Bear, we come together to be a group focus for the Highest and the Best.

History of the Clan of the Mama Bear

This year during the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy’s annual retreat in Mt. Shasta we had an opportunity to be re-initiated into the Clan of the Lemurian Sisterhood.  We went through a portal into the Lemurian city of Telos within Mt. Shasta with the help of our guide Bryan Tilghman.

It was truly an amazing event for all of us.  The message that I received during this initiation is that we were to call ourselves the Clan of the Mama Bear.  And to hold the container for the 32nd World Congress of Illumination this year online for those that weren’t physically attending.  

As a community we have been holding the high watch for the Millennials, the Children, the Holy Innocents in our weekly Violet Flame Invocation circles for over a year

Mother Mary has told me that the Clan of the Mama Bear (the Divine Feminine) will be called into action for specific events when needed.

Please invite any other Light-workers to join us here.

You are powerful and precious.

I love you,


  1. Deborah Zahler

    Will a recording of each session be available to listen to later in the day? I am traveling with a group of Millenials and A child during this time……

    1. Jen Post author

      Absolutely! The REPLAY will be in the daily email you’ll receive. Thank you for joining us Deborah, even as you’re traveling. Have fun!

    1. Jen Post author

      Your welcome. Thank you for being 100% IN Donna.

  2. Susan Parry

    I am participating with the love of my heart Flame. All is divine, perfect and complete according to God’s Holy Will.

  3. Carol J Gosselin

    Thank you Jennifer, for this opportunity to participate in this way!

    1. Jen Post author

      You’re welcome Carol. Thanks for your participation. What a blessing.

  4. Celine Andriot

    Yes I would like to participate in your daily call starting today ! Thank You ! <3

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you Celine for shining your Light so brightly.

    1. Jen Post author

      Beautiful Carol. Thank you,


    I AM filled with gratitude for your obedience in the Clan of the Mama Bear. What a great way to br supportive with the 32 WCI. I feel such an out poring of Love and Light is happening here and now! Thank You…

    1. Jen Post author

      My cup is filled with joy and thanksgiving.


    Thank you so much, Jenifer! I am so grateful in joining my Love and Light with this group. So Powerful!

    1. Jen Post author

      I’m so glad you’re here Kat.

  7. Carol J Gosselin

    You are helping me to feel the vibrating tonal energies and deeply realize the profound gratitude I’ve longed to share. The Beauty pouring forth, even from the replay, resonates with such potent strength and courage for me to belong to the universal frequency Now happening. I felt One with the frogs singing together their song for cleaning, nourishing manna -rain for the fourth night in a row. I wonder that a consecutive response consecrates more and better health and wholeness? WOW!!! Aho. And So It Is And I Let It Be So.

  8. Bernadette Cassidy

    I’m really happy to be accepted into your Mama Bear Clan Jennifer ……..thank you for being such a bright shining star!
    In deep gratitude!

    1. Jen Post author

      We are delighted that you are here Bernadette. Thank you!

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