Free Your Voice

Let’s take some time to celebrate the beginning of Spring/Fall.

Come and anchor your old soul wisdom in preparation for the next season of Glory in your life.

Free Your Voice

an Equinox Celebration Ceremony is a two-hour mini retreat
March 20th, 10 AM – Noon PST on Zoom.

During this retreat we’ll be using our voices to tap into the electricity of the Universe to ignite our light to its full capacity and to balance energies.

Your Voice can Open your Channel to:

  • Free up your Creative thought
  • Release pain and stagnation of the past
  • Heal your body and your mind
  • Open your heart to receive and integrate your soul’s nudging
  • Declare your Abundance
  • Walk through the portal of the Equinox in confidence and joy

During our retreat we'll be in the company of the Archangels and the Masters. You'll experience a sound healing that will activate your ascension.

You'll also be using your sovereign voice and be empowered to speak from it.

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What will you experience in Free Your Voice?

This will be a vocal retreat for everyone. No experience is necessary.

You’ll be getting out of your logical overthinking mind and into the vortex of creativity.

Not only will you have a lot of fun, but you’ll be also healing the past and congestion in your throat chakra.

We’ll be humming, toning, chanting, crying, blabbing, experimenting with light language, laughing, and singing.

Get ready to release all the tension in your entire body.


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There will be a 24 hour replay for you if you can’t make it live. However, live is where it’s happening.

The Equinox is a cosmic event and I want to spend it with you.

We have a beautiful opportunity to take a quantum growth leap on our own spiritual journey and walk between worlds.

Celebrating this amazing day together connects us deeply to ourselves, to each other, the Beloved Divine, to the Earth and to the Angels.

Doing ceremony together helps us feel like we belong to each other and to the Universe. You will realize that we are longing for the same things.

I’m Jennifer Ruth Russell, the director of the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.  I love this journey and I love sharing it with others.

I used to have a small back yard ceremony on my own during these cosmic events.  I didn’t have anyone to share them with and my heart and voice literally ached for a mystical community.

Have you ever wondered how you could be with the Earth and the Cosmos in a certain and real way and have a loving community around you sharing in the experience?

My deepest intention for you is to free your voice in our mystical retreat. To feel the sovereign power of your being as you heal the past and prepare the way for the new.

JRR Playing

It is my passion to gather old souls together in community to sing and lift up into the momentum of Light and partner with the Angelic Realm and the Elemental Nature Spirits.

The Elemental Kingdom and the Angels gives us permission to play and sing as children.  This heals us in unexpected ways.  It’s a dance of joy.  They increase the energy of everything we’ll be doing together in the Equinox celebration ceremony, Free Your Voice.

I’d be honored if you’d join us.

Only $33!

Early Bird Special is $21 & ends on March 14th

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Why Ceremony & Ritual? 

The value of Ritual and Ceremony gives us a chance to connect.  When we use our voice, it opens the very cells of our bodies and our brains so we can receive.

Ceremony gives your soul full permission to speak clearly to you about the most relevant guidance for your current now.

Is this for you?

  • Are you ready for a new beginning?
  • Do you feel it’s time to have the courage to speak your truth?
  • Are you feeling stagnate and could use a jolt of Creator Light to get you back into your inspired groove?
  • Are you ready to connect with what is yours to do this coming season?
  • Are you longing to be in a mystical community, where you feel free to make joyful and crazy sounds?
  • Are you ready to feel seen, heard, and supported in a loving community?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Free Your Voice, an Equinox Celebration Ceremony is for you.

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I can’t wait to be with you on the Equinox, March 20th from 10 AM – Noon PST.

There will be a 24 hour replay for you if you can’t make it live. However, live is where it’s happening.

Thank you for always saying yes

What’s a zoom retreat like with Jennifer?

“It was amazing to see and feel and sense on all levels the container that was created and the deepening each of us experienced through the retreat. It was sacred and holy and profound.” ~ GC

“The flow of the workshops very conducive to anchoring and opening to healing and revealing my own inner wisdom.” ~ SC

“I was surprised the effect that your virtual online experience could have on me. The impact of feeling like I was with others made me see/feel/hear/touch/smell beyond conditions to the greater reality of unity consciousness…a dream come true for me. The whole community held this expansive, surreal, spaciousness. Absolutely beautiful.” ~ CJG

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