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21 lessons to activate your Creative Magnificence so you can stop pretending you’re not powerful!


Are you:

• Tired of hearing you are “so powerful “but you can’t seem to manifest what you want?

• Ready to feel the joy of manifesting your heart’s desire?

• Prepared to step into a whole new experience of creating abundance?

Fellow Lightworkers

How can you:

• Bring in the New Earth if you feel like life has thrown you curve ball after curve ball?
• Stay in your healing groove when your self- doubt keeps you frozen and feeling small?
• Be a channel of Light when you’re broke and can’t figure how to manifest?

My friend, you came here to SHINE. There is no escaping the fact that you are a co-creator with the Divine every moment of your life.

You were made for this.

What you see in your life is what you’ve created. It’s that simple.

You have the ability to create more. You can have a happy, opulent and successful life. And there is so much support to do just that.

I have been a Spiritual Mentor for more than 17 years. I trained at Agape International Spiritual Center under Michael Bernard Beckwith. I have mentored thousands of clients and students in the depths of financial lack and heart ache and have helped them, with the Heavenly Realms, to heal their hearts and lives by connecting to the Light of their own Divinity.

I have been stuck in the depths of scarcity for way to many years of my life: from being a missionary kid with zero training in finances, to a starving musician who would play for nothing, then to being a single parent who panicked every month when the rent was due, and even as a Spiritual Practitioner who undervalued her gifts and kept giving them away.

I’ve walked the long journey of trial and error. The end of my journey was when my husband and I had to declare bankruptcy. I was devastated. I grieved … and then I got really angry and started asking the hard questions.

What am I doing wrong? Am I really to live my entire life lack and struggle ? Come on God, I’m a Spiritual Practitioner, why am I not experiencing ease and grace?

What brought me back to the land of the living were not only my spiritual mentors, a business coach and the Company of Heaven…but a decision.

I made a decision which started with changing my relationship to money. I believe that decisions are the first step in the creative process. So I learned everything I could about the Laws of the Universe and I asked the Angels to help me.

Since that time, I’ve created 6 CDs of original music. My practice has grown into a full time Academy. My income increases steadily every year, and I’ve served thousands of people doing what I love. I experience the joy of creating and financial freedom in my life.

I feel empowered to fulfill my life purpose and to be the greatest service I can be.

And I’m here to tell you that this can be true for you.

There is a fire in my belly that insists that you come with me.

That’s why Mother Mary and I created How to Create1-

In 21 days you will:

• Step into a whole new way of creating with the Divine Feminine
• Learn a simple system that keeps you in alignment with your pure desires
• Receive the assistance of Mother Mary and her Mighty Friends through their loving instruction
• Find out why you’ve been missing the mark with your financial goals and access your real power
• Open up your life to receive more goodness in every area and Dance in the rhythm of creation
• Take your right place amongst thousands of lightworkers in building a New Earth
• Be empowered to stand up and shine your light brighter than you ever have before and help more people

"After working with Jennifer I have had deep healing and many miracles. Money has shown up from unexpected places and continues today. What I have found is my fear is dissipating as I command my freedom and my abundant supply of money and other forms of abundance to support and empower my life purpose." – Marjorie

How to Create with
Whats included

This week you’ll:

  • Be lead by Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance through a simple system of identifying and creating your heart’s desire
  • Receive a current message from Mother Mary and her Friends every day
  • Be guided through a transformation meditation that you’ll use over and over again

This week you’ll:

  • Learn how to sustain your focus so you complete your manifestation
  • Discover how to overcome different forms of resistance
  • Take ownership of the expansion of your life
  • Receive a current message from Mother Mary and her Friends every day
  • Be guided through a transformation meditation and exercises

This week you’ll:

  • Open the floodgates of Abundance with the River of Provision meditation with Kwan Yin
  • Embrace your true value and worth
  • Expand your mind into the new possibilities for your life in the New Earth
  • Receive a current message from Mother Mary and her Friends every day
  • Be guided through transformation exercises

"You have helped me tremendously…I am empowered in my money life" ~ Frankie

"This experience has changed my way of thinking and praying. A kind of peace has taken over my life. Thank you once again." ~Kalay

"Oh. I have not had the privilege of such a deep experience as this in a very long, long, long time. It was as if layers and layers were instantly lifted and new hope instilled."


This is what you will get

3 weekly lessons, meditations and spiritual exercises that are designed specifically ignite your ability to create in your life. You can re-listen to these over and over even after the 21 Lessons is complete

Receive daily messages from Mother Mary, her Friends and the Angels of Abundance


  • 1 - 30 minute Prayer Sessions with Jennifer - $150 value

Why am I offering this special price?  Mother Mary has requested that I get this message out to as many Lightworkers as possible and as soon as possible.  So we can create the New Earth together NOW!

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