New Rosary with Mother Mary


Are you feeling stuck spiritually and unable to create what you want?

Maybe you’ve been distracted from your soul purpose.

Mother Mary and I want to invite you to learn the New Rosary.

It’s simple and yet a powerful spiritual tool to help you manifest change in your life.

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

When I met Mother Mary I also received this beautiful gift of the

New Rosary and it changed my life.

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Not only did it deepen my relationship with the Divine Feminine, it help me to:

  • Repair my relationship with son.
  • Heal my finances and release the old way of doing money.
  • Have a simple holistic way to hold health and wholeness for myself and others.
  • Participate in creating the change I want to see in the world.


The New Rosary is one of my spiritual power tools and it can easily become yours as well.


I invite you to join Mother Mary and me on May 13, 2024, on the Feast of Our Lady Fatima at 9 AM PDT | noon PDT.


During this intimate gathering you’ll experience:

  • A deep meditation with Mother Mary in her Retreat of the Sacred Heart over Fatima
  • Learn the New Rosary and tailor it for your own life
  • Sing and pray surrounded by a loving community


Plan to be with us for 90 minutes. There will be a replay for you if the time doesn’t work for you.

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You and Fatima

Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael’s Temple of the Sacred Heart in the etheric realm over Fatima, Portugal is open for everyone throughout the month of May.

I can’t wait to tell you about your amazing history in this Sacred Temple.

The Feast of Our Lady Fatima is not only a remembrance but an invitation.

Message from Mother Mary

Beloved, come and spend some time with me learning the New Rosary on this day of honor, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

This is not just a day of remembrance, this is a day of deepening our connection and strengthening our relationship.

The New Rosary is a gift that continues to give and give. 

As I called the children in Fatima to pray the Rosary every day to end World War I, on May 13, 1917. I’m calling you into service now.

This is an urgent call. Every day and each moment is important and valuable for your ascension and the evolution of dear Mother Earth.  As we pray the New Rosary together, it focuses our divine union into a co-creative power tool.

Join me Beloved and let’s anchor together with the highest and most beautiful divine ideas, for your life, your relationships, your finances, your health, your creations, and the world.

As we pray the New Rosary together, it brings our divine union into action.  The New Rosary will lighten your load and give you a spiritual power tool to co-create the new systems of light on Earth.

I love and adore you,

Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance