A Sacred Healing Light Meditation

Sanctuary is a consecrated gathering that provides a deep sacred space for your healing.

Join me and the Celestial Beings of Light, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and the Mighty Rainbow Rays in a devotional circle.

Your old pockets of fear will be dissolved and paradigms will shift

Shamballa Harvest Ceremony words over a picture of a salt harvest in Vietnam picture by Quang Nguyen

Shamballa Harvest Ceremony

I love the Shamballa Harvest Ceremony. It’s a celebration of Glorious Light and Thanksgiving.

We have all grown spiritually y leaps and bounds this year. It’s time to celebrate.

2021 has been a yet another year we’ll never forget.

You’ve completed some incredible spiritual initiations this year. The accomplishments of your eternal self are celebrated by the entire Company of Heaven.

Now it’s time to harvest the gifts of your spiritual focus from this year because you made it, Beloved.

On November 15th the King’s Highway opened up. This complex and protected thoroughfare of Light allows all the Cosmic Beings of Light to come together at Shamballa, the retreat lead by Master Gautama Buddha.

Everyone comes to celebrate their friendships,  the Earth’s spiritual progress, their harvest, your harvest, and their love for Sanat Kumara.

We were privileged to join them for a Shamballa Harvest Ceremony on November 28th at 5 PM PST online in Sanctuary.

What can you expect from the Samballa Harvest Ceremony?

  • to experience the ideal Thanksgiving Celebration in the Light (a perfect way to set up your Holiday experience)
  • to celebrate your personal harvest for this year at the most Sacred Temple of Shamballa
  • to have a personal audience with Sanat Kumara
  • to sing your song of gratitude and thanksgiving
  • to receive a Light Song of Joy that will meet you right where you are.
  • to leave renewed in strength, renewed in energy, renewed in vitality from the beloved Lord of the World Himself, Guatama Buddha, that will hold you in a great momentum of energy for the next 12 months.


This Sacred Healing Light Meditation is online via your phone or computer on the 4th Sunday of every month at 5PM Pacific. This is a stand-alone powerful healing circle, it is not a course.

Who am I?  Read more about me by clicking here.

There is a healing light language that flows through me.

I have been told that this song and these words aren’t to be understood with the logical mind.  It’s a Heavenly language from our future.  It’s a gift of profound healing for us now.

This video shares more about my experience.

“I am so appreciative. So amazing, so beautiful. Thank you Sweet Jennifer, team, and all Beings of Light.”   – Cordelia, Colorado
“Oh!! Thank you dearest Jennifer I have no words  to say how beautiful  and in complete  resonance  this is for me. I love your work it is so lovingly powerful.” – Pamela,  Australia

This healing light song breaks up the old stagnated energies of our core resistance.  It sings into the causes of our pain.  It releases the longing for connection after centuries of separation.   It brings us HOME.

What will we be doing together?

We will be:

  • Healing on every level

  • Fully using and applying the power of the Seven Mighty Rays

  • Gathering in a circle of Light, heart to heart, with the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm and the Elemental Kingdom in songs of praise, prayer, meditation and healing.

  • Exploring a new expression of worship.

I am thrilled to take my rightful place in this activity of Light.  Join me for a Light Bath, a Sound Healing and an Intentional hour of connecting with the Company of Heaven. 

You will leave feeling as if you have been healed in the most beautiful Sanctuary you’ve ever experienced on Earth.

This is one of the fastest ways to embody your divinity and heal your life.

The Calling

At the beginning of every year the Karmic Board decides which Mighty Rays will best serve mankind throughout the year.  These Rays are keep perceptually burning in different Retreats that are run by different Ascended Masters, Archangels and Mighty Elohim.

Every month there is a specific Temple or Retreat of the Ascended Masters that are available to help us.

The Company of Heaven wants to help us to rise up into the 5th Dimension (our Ascension) as soon as possible.  We’ve stayed in the 3D for way too long.

Saint Germain, the Avatar of the Age of Aquarius says,

“We are at the beginning of a New Age in which, through the courtesy and kindness of life, I am the Chohan (master) and I will assist you in the religious service which will be manifested in the worship of the next 2,000 year period.  This is the activity of the VIOLET RAY, the activity of Ordered Service and Ritual, the activity where mankind, angels and elementals will again be drawn together in conscious cooperation, and will, hand in hand, walk together along the path of evolution, where they will serve together and build together, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  The will worship together in ceremonials such as you cannot yet conceive.” (21 Essential Lessons vol. 1 by W. Schroeder)

I’m inviting you into a Sanctuary of healing so you can take full advantage of the support we have from the Heavenly Realms during this extra-ordinary time of chaos and change.

Healing Light Songs, singing with the Angels, healing our minds, our hearts, our finances and our lives together … aaaaaah – Sanctuary

“My first ‘retreat’ and words cannot fully express the depth…the name given to, MERCY! You are a jewel and an amazing channel of the beloved divine energies. Thank you and I love you dearest Jennifer Ruth!” – Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

A deep healing Sanctuary every month for $22.00 per month.

 You can cancel at any time.  Please give us 48 hours’ notice.

“Thank you that was amazing.” – Kyra, California
“Thank you Jennifer, for these beautiful prayers and songs. Blessings!!”  –  Amruta, India

Access Replays Here


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    1. Jen Post author

      You are so welcome. Thanks for completing my circle, Liliana. Sending you tons of blessgins.

  4. Kara

    Dear Jennifer, I’ve been thinking & contemplating joining angels of abundance ascension academy for a while now. In so many ways it feels like the perfect fit for me. But my hesitation is in joining anything because of the commitment I feel when I do. Also, I am uncomfortable with automatically having money withdrawn from my account. With all that being said, the times I’ve logged in to a session, I have felt the strong connections to your group and the vibrations that I feel. One more thing is that I am in tune with the sunset and my sleep pattern! I’m on the east coast so when it’s 5:00 pm by you, I’m already sleepy!

    So……I’m going to try. I want to sign up and see if it will work for me.

    1. Jen Post author

      Beloved Kara,
      Let’s talk about your concerns. Please check your email.

      Sanctuary is a stand-alone monthly sacred healing light meditation. It’s not a course or a yearly program. You can stop anytime. There’s also a replay that’s available to you forever and ever.

      Sanctuary is also a very individual process that we do together. We’re on the phone to keep it very intimate. That allows you to be in your pjs and ready to be tucked in for a great night of rest and inner visions.

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