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Eternal Abundance Teachings

You will pick up intuitively that the methods and images shared here are both eternal Abundance teachings and those that were taught in the ancient and pre-ancient mystery schools -- a sort of alchemy and co-Creative how-to we so need now, that is too often missing in modern spiritual teachings. Caroline Oceana Ryan

Deep Internal Shift

What a powerful little book! I could feel the love, guidance and support of Mother Mary to open to and receive greater abundance as I connected with her words and my own heart. The 21 days is a gentle, loving process that facilitates a deep internal shift in relationship with money and abundance, and it is beautiful in its simplicity and gift. Alice Greene

This is Like Money Yoga  

A daily practice to change the way I think about how money comes and goes has taken the fear out of money. This is a sweet and gentle way to get in the flow of abundance. Jennifer’s teaching has changed my money consciousness. I. can highly recommend giving it a try. Grace

Deeply nourishing  

I absolutely loved this book and Jennifer's Abundance Program that is on offer through the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy. Mother Mary softened and opened my heart to myself .... and held me closely whilst I healed some old wounds around my worthiness of receiving Abundance. Jennifer's light filled spirit is imbued through this magic book. Thank you! Suzanne James

I healed my $$$ beliefs

This is a book that will reconnect you with Mother Mary and the Abundance Angels of which you have your own. Since connecting I have healed many aspects of my negative beliefs about money. A true gem. Kelly Quinine

Abundance Results

This beautiful book is a refreshing look into the heart of Mother Mary. It connects you to her heart and the abundance that is a result. Financial freedom in a book! Yes! Andrea