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What is a Mystical Journey Session?

A Mystical Journey Session is a 1:1 intimate hour call that is designed to create a safe, powerful container of Love Light for your own personal discovery through your own Beloved I AM Presence/Higher Self.   Jennifer and her Practitioners are trained in deep listening and affirmative prayer.  The door to the Heavenly Realms will be opened for you to hear the messages that you are ready for.

A mystical journey session is a divinely and beautifully guided meditative journey to receive guidance, uncover deeper truths, reconnect with one’s true divine nature, and/or have an experience with an Archangel, Ascended Master or other spiritual mentor.  It is also a sacred inner journey anchored in love and prayer, and directed by an intention of the heart.  It’s always a powerful, insightful and magical experience.  -  GA



My experience with Mystical Journey Sessions has been truly amazing. So much clarity has come from those sessions, especially because I was able to connect with my inner guidance and my guides, ascended masters, angels, and elementals. Also, I've always received what I needed the most at the moment, sometimes I would go with the intention to work on a specific issue and ended up working with a totally different one, which was exactly what I needed the most. You lovingly guide those sessions with such mastery, intuition, and connection, making them deep and remarkable experiences. - HA


Jennifer's Mystical Journey sessions have been so supportive in my healing. When I went through my journey with cancer, the gifts I received from sessions with Jennifer were innumerable. I learned how to have faith and how to return to faith when in fear. More recently, our work together has included really getting in touch with my Beloved I AM presence and relearning how to love every part of me. I love how Jennifer follows guidance during our session and takes me just where we need to go for what I need at the moment. She is a wonderful and compassionate listener. I am blessed to have had and continue to have sessions with Jennifer. - CM



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredibly powerful mystical journey sessions I have taken with you. What means so much to me is that this journeys are turned over and guided & protected by the Holy Spirit from the beginning, making it a real connected feeling experience... so it is me and the Ascended Masters  guiding me through experiences and questions or quandaries I need guidance,  and you as my guide! This process is so healing! So powerful! From meeting my sponsors for my Ascension,  to my next step in healing to understanding my family dynamics by calling in my family members. Thank you for so many powerful healing journeys....they have changed, guided and healed my life, and set me on the path to more expansion, spiritual growth, love and my Ascension. You are a gentle, loving & gifted teacher. - MM