Come play with me

Come play with me,  a message from my inner child to yours.

Hey are you having fun being the little one? Are you playing in the garden? Do you want to have a play date? We could explore and have a great adventure doing nothing at all. We could giggle and laugh with the little faeries and flowers.

I remember when I was hiding under the bed and too afraid to come out. I was scared and Jennifer was so serious about everything that I just stayed under the bed. There wasn’t anything to do.

Sometimes I would come out and try to get her attention because I was super scared that I was all alone. I can be a super brat sometimes.

But now we play together all the time. Ever since the Angels and Mother Mary came to be with us.

They came right under the bed and got me. They blasted this big light in my heart. It was so warm and yummy. It’s still here, all the time. They make me giggle and laugh.

They helped Jennifer to start to play with me again.  She says, “Come play with me” a lot.  She even asks me to come along when she sings and prays now.

If I don’t feel right, she wants to know right away what’s wrong and she let’s me know it’s ok and that she loves me.

I feel really safe now to be silly and to be a kid. That’s my job. Because we are ascending into the Light.

The Light is a blast and I want you to come and play with us too.

I am so happy to write this note to you.


Jenny Ruth

Mother Mary’s Healing Circle is about to start.  In this mastercourse the power of your inner child will be restored.  You will be claiming the sovereign power of your innocence, once again.


  1. Eileen Gold

    Interesting, I am developing a Daily Heart Start call that will address similar themes.
    Grand synchronicity.
    Warm Wishes

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