Connect with the Angels

Have you ever asked this question, “Am I allowed to connect with the Angels and the Ascended Masters?  I don’t want to bother them and I feel unworthy of their attention.”

So lets dig into this question.

The Angels and the Masters are waiting for you to call because you are only one that has the power and authority to do that.

Yes you are absolutely allowed to connect with the Angels.

You are a co-creator and your voice is one of your main tools of creation.

The Company of Heaven will never see you as unworthy.  They only see you as God created you.  Complete and perfect.  They adore you.  Even if you don’t love yourself 100% yet, they love you completely. In fact they can help you with your feelings of unworthiness.

I want to remind you that YOU are the chooser.

You are a free will being living on a free will planet. No one in the heavenly realms will intervene or connect with you unless you make the call.  This is a universal law.

I want you to start using this vast resource that is available to you 24/7.   Connect with the Angels as often as you can.  It will totally change your life.

Every time you ask the Angels to help you, they respond and answer that call.  Every time!

You are actually giving them the opportunity to work on their own evolution by helping you.

That’s their job, to bring the qualities of God to us, to guide us and to answer every prayer that is spoken.

When you make the call to the Angels and the Masters, it’s like calling a friend on the phone.

Except you’ll never get a voice message.  They are always present and eager to assist you.

Here’s a simple way for you to begin. I’ve broken it down to 5 easy steps.

1st step – What do you need help with?  Maybe you’re feeling unworthy.  Let’s use that as an example.

2nd step – Choose to connect with a specific Archangel or Ascended Master and set an intention..  If you’re just beginning I recommend that you choose someone well known like Jesus, Kwan Yin or Archangel Michael.

3rd step – Hook up: Take a deep breath and come within your heart and  recognize the Divinity within you. and give a simple word of thanks for your life to Mother/Father God.

4th step – Make the call: Now you’re ready to make the call .  Say something really simple like “Through my Beloved I Am Presence, I call on you, Archangel Michael, to come and give me some help right now with my feelings of unworthiness.”

5th step – Listen: be still and receive.

You’re not praying to the Angels you’re asking for them to assist you.  They see you as equal to them.

I can’t wait for you to become confident and strong in your Light as you open up to connecting with the Angels and the Ascended Masters.  They are showing us how to create the New Earth and will help you with anything you need.

If you are a Lightworker and don’t have a mentor to take your hand and walk you every step of the way to help you become strong spiritually and financially.  Let’s connect on the phone and see how one of our programs can help you step into the fullness of who you Really are as fast as possible.

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