Dark Nights of the Soul

As we grow spiritually, we all go through dark nights of the soul.  It’s part of our evolution.

When it happens to me, I cry easily, and my heart feels empty.  I have that ‘I want my Mommy’ feeling.

Mother Mary’s teaching from our book How to Create with Mother Mary and Friends is comforting and enlightening.  There is a purpose for these dark nights.  They are our friends and our allies.

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Don’t be Afraid

Beloved, don’t be afraid of the dark.  

When you are experiencing a dark night of your soul, remember there is a purging going on.  

When you start to see it as your friend and not your enemy, these times of darkness will become the fertile ground of creation.

When you began, you were in the no-thing of all creation, Mother Sophia’s womb.

In this dark womb of no-thing all is created.

When you are experiencing a feeling of complete separation and dis-connection and everything feels empty, come home to Mama God.

Come into the darkness and sit on Her lap of still darkness and let our Beloved Divine Mother love you. Go back to the beginning of your existence. 

In this still dark womb allow yourself to be reborn. Be patient and extra gentle with yourself and this process of rebirth.

Greet every dark night as a true beginning of something incredibly wonderful and fruitful, even if you can’t see or feel it yet. The darkness will become your friend.

I love and adore you,

Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance 

If you’d like to listen to this as a meditation, listen here.

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