There is Plenty

Mother Mary is wanting to speak to you through me more and more.

Today she has a message for you and me about knowing there is plenty, because you are plenty.

Here’s The Free Dictionary’s definition of plenty:
a full or abundant supply or amount; the state or quality of being plentiful abundance; an abundance, as of goods or luxuries, or a time of such abundance

“Right where you are it is.  Right where you are right now, in consciousness and in the world, abundance is.  It is not out there or over there or anywhere else but where you are.

Start accessing it with the breath.  Breathe in abundance right now. There is plenty of air, there is plenty of space in your lungs to receive it.

I AM PLENTY.  This is not about money Beloved, this is about you.

Say out loud:
I AM plenty.  I am the juice and the container it is held in.  I AM plenty.  Everything I need to know about how to create more money is always revealed to me.  I AM plenty.

I AM enough right now.  I have everything I need in this red hot minute.  I AM enough.  God is enough.  My connection with the Almighty is enough.  My insight is enough.  My connection is enough.  

I AM Plenty. ( tap, tap, tap) as you say this.  I have plenty.  Every minute is taken care of.

 Let go of the terror in the mind that lack creates.

See lack as sour in the juice.  It only gets there because the juice is old and has not been consumed.  The juice is replaced daily.  It never runs out.  If you think you have to monitor it’s inflow and outflow it starts turning sour.

Lack is only an idea in the human mind.  It’s not a word that we even know how to speak in the heavenly realms.  It is not part of your ascended self.  Think of it as an old rug that you’ve been using for years and you don’t realize how old and dirty it has become…you’re so use to it being there.  Look at it with new eyes today.  You don’t need it any longer and a new rug of plenty is ready to help you keep your feet warm.

See plenty everywhere.  Feel the plentitude of the air that you breath, the food that you eat, the water that you drink.  feel the plentitude of Grace.

Yes it’s truth that Grace is sufficient for everything.  Every little thing and every small thing.

Get in the vibration of plenty and stay there.  You are enough.” ~ Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels

You are powerful and your are precious.


  1. Heather

    Beautiful and Inspiring message ? Thank You ⚘⚘⚘Mother Mary?
    Love, Light and INFINITE Gratitude for sharing this message ❤ Jennifer ❤

  2. Pamela White

    Thank you Jennifer. I really needed this right now. Blessings and gratitude

  3. Deborah

    Jennifer and Mother Mary – Much Loving Gratitude for this message – it takes our Trust and Faith to know we are Loved and Provided for –
    I AM the Plenty of the Nutritious Foods I have been blessed with this day, the hot clean water for a sea salt bath, the day’s end of sunset glow on the
    snow covered birch and pine trees outside of my window, and the sound of music that Graces my ears – Plenty and Present Moment
    Awareness go Hand in Hand……. I receive with an Open Heart and Trust that a means is on its way to contribute to others in need… Amen

    1. Jen Post author

      And so it is. Thank you Deborah for this beautiful poem of plenty.

  4. Kathe Pass

    Thank you Jennifer. That was beautiful. Your white peacock(?) is very cool.
    Kathe Pass

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you Kathe, I love the white peacock. All of ours, right? There’s no apology or dimishment in this peacock. He’s just shining his natural light, just like we are learning to do.

  5. MaryJo H. Clark

    I love the Ascended Master and their teachings. I have some of the St. Germain Series books. Would love some more books by the Ascended Masters. I ask for more spiritual and powerful connection to the Masters. If there is a Master who would work with me, I’d like help finding one and knowing their name. I’d like clear communication from them. I have been having communication from my relatives who have passed over. I am getting used to recognizing which one is sending information in a musical phrase. I am hoping to define this skill of communication and knowing. Would love a reading.

    1. Jen Post author

      Wonderful MaryJo. Keep on, it sounds like your high intention is being answered beautifully. What you want to know the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy teaches. Stay tuned to your inbox. Mastercourses are offered often.

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