Prayer Made Simple

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How do you get out of fear when you wake up in terror at 3AM?

When you start to feel discouraged, how do you come out of it?

When someone is having a hard time and asks for prayer, do you panic and wish you had some words for them?

Are you ready to learn a simple, doable form of prayer that is super effective and powerful?

Prayer changes things.  It is a highly effective spiritual alchemical process.  It can be very simple and powerful.

Ernest Holmes asks, “We are chemists in the laboratory of the Infinite. What, then shall we create?”

As the daughter of ministers and missionaries I was taught supplicative prayer; “Dear Jesus, please, please, please, make my brother like me.”

In my training as a Religious Science Licensed Practitioner I was taught the five steps of affirmative prayer.  This was very empowering for me and my life started to change.

Today I have cultivated the art of commanding and drawing forth, with the help of the Mighty Rays, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters.  Healings of all kinds are a daily occurrence for me, my family, and my students.

Would you like some simple steps of prayer to follow to get you started?

Many of you have asked to know what I know about empowered prayer.  That’s why I’ve created a mini course to help you do that.

Prayer Power Made Simple Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Pray powerfully from your heart
  • Pray from your divine authority
  • Attune to the highest frequencies available now to empower your prayer
  • Step into your power and step out of victimhood
  • Use the Seven Sacred Rays, the Mighty Archangels and the Beloved Ascended Masters in prayer
  • Know when your powerful prayer is complete
  • Let go of the mental turmoil and really release your prayer

Prayer changes things.

Prayer heals.

Prayer immediate lifts you into higher frequencies of Love Light.

Prayer immediately calls the Angels to you.

Prayer opens up your heart and your mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe

Prayer is your divine birthright of creating.  It opens the co- creative power of your voice.

Prayer can quickly change your life, heal your relationships, and give you a way to help others in their evolution.

Prayer is like the 12 bar Blues.  There’s a form to it.  You can start off very simply and once you get the form down you’ll start to riff, to improvise, and to open and allow your voice to be used by the Holy Spirit beyond your logical mind.  Prayer then becomes like a song.  And your life starts to reflect that Light and Beauty, every day.


This webinar will be recorded for your convenience and you can listen to it over and over again.




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