Sanctuary Replay – April 26, 2020




I AM Sovereign

April 26, at 5 PM Pacific we’ll be live. Lady Hope Eternal will be leading us as we step into our divine authority, our sovereignty. Serapis Bey (a Seraphim embodied) and the brotherhood/sisterhood of Luxor, have opened up their Temple of Ascension for us this month. If you can’t be with us live caught the replay here.

We’ll be using the mighty pull from this Temple and your special place on Mother Earth to do some incredible Light work together.

The Sophia Dragons, the Seraphim of Sovereignty, will be assisting us in birthing our sovereignty and our creations.

What will you experience in this powerful Sanctuary?

  • A true process of transcendence and ascension
  • The 12 Solar Aspects of Deity as your own superpowers
  • An unleashing the command of your ‘NO’
  • The Cosmic Spirit of Lady Hope charging through any disbelief in yourself.