Sanctuary Replay – February 23, 2020




Pathway of the Rose

The Temple of Illumination

A very special Sanctuary the Pathway of the Rose healing meditation with Goddess Meru (an ancient powerful guardian of the Divine Feminine Ray on our planet) and Beloved Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love.

We’ll be journeying to the Temple of Illumination in the sacred Mount Meru with our focus at Lake Titicaca in South America (on the border of Bolivia and Peru)

What you’ll experience in this Sanctuary:

  • Walk the pathway of the Pink Rose into your full Illuminated Wisdom.  You’ll use this meditation over and over again.
  • Accept the invitation from Goddess Meru to train in the feminine nature of Wisdom.
  • Feel the power of sustained Peace pulsating through this mountain as Celestial Beings add their Cosmic Momentum to Illumination’s Flame
  • Help to establish the Feminine Ray of Wisdom as it becomes the strongest current on the planet in South America.
  • Receive clarity on what is yours to do NOW.

What to bring:

  • If you can find a pink rose, have it with you for our time together.  Even a picture will do.
  • What Goodness has happened to you this month?  We’ll have a short time of sharing and celebration at the beginning of Sanctuary.  Sharing our experiences of Ascension empowers all of us on this incredible freedom journey.
  • A journal.