Sanctuary Replay – July 24, 2022




Throat Chakra

In 2022 we will be expanding our Lightbodies by opening up our 12 – 5th Dimensional Chakras.

As you are moving quickly into your ascension it’s very important to continue to calibrate to the new frequencies and light codes.

Each of your 5th Dimensional Chakras hold special talents and gifts that you could really use right now.

Every month, throughout this year, you’ll bring back the full use of each chakra, one at a time. With the assistance of Saint Germain, the open Retreats and their Masters, and the Beloved Archangels, you’ll be opening up your spiritual faculties and gifts.

There will be a Light Song for each month that will help you receive the full transmission and calibration of this opening and help you to switch on all 12 of your chakras.

July 24 – Throat Chakra