Prepare the way of the Great Embrace with Kwan Yin and the Elders

Next month we will be moving quickly into functioning more from our Light Bodies then ever before and it’s time to prepare the way for the ride of our lives.

What does that really mean? Any part of yourself that you are still rejecting will slow you down and feel like dead weight.

I want to invite you to allow yourself to come into Kwan Yin’s Presence of Mercy and Compassion with our Earth Ancestors, to bring all aspects of yourself Home.

It’s time to let yourself off the hook for ALL OF IT!  To forgive yourself everything.

A Message from Kwan Yin

“The movement is quickening now towards your Ascension.  Allow the Elders, the Grandmothers, and the Grandfathers, of the Earth and my Beloved team of Lady Masters, to help you release into the Light the last fragmented parts of your being.

Let us prepare you for the next month and beyond.  For the transfiguring power, the change in your bodies and minds will be much easier with a lighter load.  You are becoming your Light Body as you are preparing for Divine Union with your Sacred Holy Self.

I’m calling you to consciously come ‘Home’ to your Beloved I AM Presence within my Temple of Mercy.”