Sanctuary Replay – September 11, 2023




Your Guardian Angel is your ministering angel. Your Guardian Angel is not human and will never be.

This Mighty Being of Light is born of the Light, as you are, and functions on the highest vibration of Purity.  It will never experience the separation and discord that you do.  It only expresses PURE SPIRIT.

It was trained to be with you as you are, to minister to you, but not get pulled into the drama of human life. Its only job is YOU! To guard, direct, nurture, and take good care of you.

Your Guardian Angel will only see you as a perfect God Being.  It will continually pull you up into something higher and higher, if you’ll only ask.

This Sanctuary will give you an opportunity to get to know your Guardian Angel and give this Mighty Being of Light a chance to minister to you, right where you are.

We’ll be meeting in our own City of Light, the Temple of the Divine Feminine Heart.

Beloved Kwan Yin, Archangel Uriel and Lady Donna Grace (The Lady of Grace for the Angelic Kingdom) will be over lighting this activity of Light.

Come ready to sing, breathe the Breath of God, and be made new in this Eternal Partnership.