Stop Blaming Yourself

Stop blaming yourself.

Mother Mary is so active in her messages right now . I didn’t want you to miss this one.

She is asking us to come out of blame.  Stop blaming yourself, especially for your financial condition.

Here’s what she has to say.  Watch this video (3:07).

“Many of you are so use to feeling that there must be something innately wrong with you.  You should be in a different place with your financially abundance by now.  So there must be something wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with you Beloved; in fact I want you to reclaim the power of your innocence.

The Angels holds your innocence until you’re ready to reclaim it.

Come into the power of your heart and the power of your connection with the Angels.  Let us help you to restore the supreme power of your innocence.

Love yourself right where you are.  Love all the moments that you’ve felt the pain of thinking you’re a mistake and that you can’t figure out how to be prosperous.

Love the times that you’ve stopped dreaming and stopped choosing.

Love the part of you that feels that you don’t know how to create.

Let yourself come into the simplicity of not doing a thing.


Your presence is enough.


Your willingness and agreement to be here in this great time of change is enough.  You are enough.

You’ve done nothing wrong.  You came to remember that you are capable of great manifestations.

Remember that you are a creator.   You are the choice maker.  And Spirit is the doer, the doing and the deed.

You are the Light.

Come into your heart and join with my heart.  I hold the Immaculate Concept of your life.  I know you intimately.  I know your innocence.  I have never let go of your Perfection for one moment.

I want you to come back into your innocence now.  Forgive yourself everything.  Forgive this world everything.

Reclaim the sovereign power of your innocence right now.

It’s your divine birthright to desire.  It’s the beginning of all creation.

Give yourself permission today to have what your heart desires.  It is an innocent desire.  It is good.  It is GOD’s seed!

You are remembering more and more that you are Powerful and you’re Precious.

I love and adore you,

Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance



  1. Nicholas Morrison

    Thank you for sharing your powerful video!

  2. mnmdulce5

    Just what I needed to hear…I reclaim my innocence again and again..thank you.

    1. Jen Post author

      You are precious and powerful Beloved.

  3. donna

    Yes, exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you Jennifer! Thank you Mother Mary !

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