Walking with the Archangels in Mt. Shasta

Do you like those beautiful angel card decks?   Do you love pulling a card to answer a specific question or get a thought to anchor your day?

I started connecting with the Archangels with one of Doreen Virtues Angel cards years ago.

We just returned from our Unveiled Mysteries Retreat in Mt. Shasta.  It was glorious, other worldly, and magical. Mt. Shasta is a vortex of spiritual activity for our planet.  It is pristine and beautiful.

This retreat was like being in the center of a great symphony of music and light.  Every moment seemed to be synced in Perfection.  Even in the details of our travel to and from.

The sweetness and the glory of this retreat came from our relationship with the Angelic Realm and the Masters of Light.

This wasn’t just a retreat.  It was a reunion.

Let me explain what I mean.  Most of us on this retreat  have been walking with the Archangels and the Ascended Masters for a while now.  We have allowed ourselves to fully receive their assistance and their teachings as part of our daily lives.

We journeyed from many parts of the United States, Australia and Bolivia.  And before we even arrived, Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope had the ‘full red carpet out welcoming our arrival.

The Mighty Archangels temple is in the etheric realm between Sacramento and Mt. Shasta, California.  We had a group meditation with them before we even left home.

As my friend Marjorie and I drove up from Los Angeles we could feel the sweet warm welcome.  The sky began frolicking with all kinds of symbols and signs of affirmation and love that were very meaningful to me.  I was in tears as we came around the bend of Shasta Lake.

Everyone arrived in a glorious state of JOY.

You know, many of us began our journey with the Archangels with those beautiful angel card decks too.  But we wanted more.

When you commit to believe in the Angelic host and the Masters, they meet you full on.

My life has changed from the mundane, trying to figure out how to make a living as a spiritual mentor and a singer songwriter, into an exquisite dance of Light and Prosperity.

And as a community, the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy  we  have stretched our hearts, our minds, and our hands through the veil and are now holding on to the full support of the Archangels and the Masters of Wisdom to show us the way to set life free… our own, and everyone else’s too.

Something super special happened to us during this retreat.  We were re-initiated into the Lemurian Sisterhood with the help of Bryan Tilghman.  We are now known as the Clan of the Mama Bear.

Come on, we want you to join us in this exquisite dance of Love Light.

Here’s some encouragement from Archangel Michael, 

“Do you remember the happiness of those days when angels, seraphim, and cherubim walked with men?  When elementals in flower, in tree, in lake, and mountain were visible to the physical sight of the evolving race?  These were the sweet and happy days, the days of the “Garden of Eden!” THOSE DAYS SHALL COME AGAIN!

They will come first through people like you, who can believe that the angelic host and the Masters of Wisdom are capable of reaching through the veil, taking you by the hand, and revealing to you the way back home, through the power of their own love and light!” The Angelic Kingdom by Werner Schroeder

In my next video, I will share with you how Archangel Michael has helped me to become BOLD in my light work.

Don’t forget Beloved, you are powerful and you are precious.  The Archangels can’t wait to connect more deeply with you.



  1. Lisa

    I know someone who is leading a retreat there this weekend! My cousin is going as well!

    How amazing!!!

  2. Julaina Kleist-Corwin

    The reunion retreat was an amazing experience. Thank you, Jennifer, for making it possible. I’m grateful for Bryan Tilghman’s leading us to be re-initiated into the Lemurian Sisterhood. And I’m honored to be a member of the Clan of the Mama Bear!!

    1. Jen Post author

      I’m grateful you were there with me Julaina. It is once in a lifetime experience for us. Thank you for you presence in the world. As a member of the Clan of the Mama Bear we have much to hold in our embrace.

  3. Jan

    eJRR Thank you so much..I have been following Angels of Abundance for 7-9 years now and I’ve connected with ascended masters and angels. My spiritual skills are deep and I could meditate 24/7 at times. The magical world unfolds. Metaphysics is a strong tool for me. I am waiting for the unveiling of the 5th 6th dimension. There is still residual interference by td tactics which invades my health and psychology. I will soon love to join in your spiritual gifts and practices.
    Bless you for all your kind and caring connection with me and all lightworkers. We are one. xo.

    1. Jen Post author

      Abundant Blessings to you Jan. You are Golden.

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