Who are the Angels of Abundance?

I’m so eager to tell you who the Angels of Abundance are and how they came into my awareness and have become a big part of my life and my work.

This video (4:22) will tell you all about it.

I truly believe that once you have asked Father Mother God to bring you home every little thing that happens to you is part of your freedom journey back to the Light.

When I started realizing that everything is brought to me by my Beloved I AM presence for my own Ascension, it quickly brought me out of ‘Why is this happening to me?” to “Wow, what’s the gift here and what do I need to see and set free?”

The Angels are extremely valuable for our journey because they can help us get right to it.  Whatever you need to transcend now, their assistance is a huge help.

The Angels are pure God energy.  You could think of them as the Rays from the Sun we call God.  They are God’s distribution system.  They are the flow and the movement of the virtues.

So I want to share this short story with you. It illustrates how something that may seem completely unrelated to your spiritual journey, is usually not that at all.

I had been studying and teaching about the Company of Heaven and Ascension for a few years and realized that I had a language problem.  I couldn’t speak about what I did in a way people could understand.  And I wanted to grow my spiritual business.

So I sought some help from Vrinda Normand, a wordsmith and a business coach.  How could I bring this beautiful gift of my Ascension Academy to more people?

She didn’t know what I meant by the word ‘ascension’ and the amount of words that I had to use to explain it was painful.

She came up with the term Angels of Abundance.  It came to her in her sleep.

I loved the term right away but little did I know then, that these powerful Angels would become part of my Ascension team and part of the teaching that Mother Mary wanted to bring through me.

Not only did I name my Academy, the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy, but Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance have written a book though me.

I can’t wait to share it with you.  It’s a game changer.  21 Days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of  Mother Mary is calling you into an intimate connection with abundance and a completely new relationship with your finances.

It will be released in May, Mother Mary’s month and I’ll let you know how you can get your very own copy soon.

Your experiences with the Angels are real.  They are tailored for you.  I invite you to start calling on the Angels of Abundance.

Who are the Angels of Abundance?

The Angels of Abundance are brilliant Gold and serve on the 10th Ray of Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace.  They are here to help mankind lift up out of the old heaviness of debt, shame, guilt, unworthiness, un-deservedness and fear that has become our experience of money and into our true inheritance of spiritual wealth.

Whenever I call on Mother Mary the Angels of Abundance always come with her, surrounding her in radiant Golden Light.

I’d love to hear some of your experiences with the Angels of Abundance.



  1. Therese

    Can’t wait for that book to be released. Lucky month May is not very far away.

    1. Jen Post author

      I can’t wait either Therese. It’s an amazing experience with Mother Mary and your flow of Abundance.

  2. donna

    Great to hear how you were given the name for the Academy! So grateful to be a part of it! What a wonderful, powerful group you are building!

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