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Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy Levels of Annual Membership

Membership Options

*4 Master courses include:

Seven Sacred Flames
Creating with the Mighty Elohim
Mother Mary's Healing Circle
Walk in the Way of the Angels

Also included with your Annual Membership:

  • 12 month of Prayer support, including Prayer Partnerships, and Email support.
  • Membership in the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy
  • Family of Light discounts on Annual Retreat, Annual Angelic Detox & Cleanse.
  • ‘In The Moment’ events lead by Jennifer and the Practitioners of the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy

What is a Mystical Journey Session?

A Mystical Journey Session is a 1:1 intimate hour call that is designed to create a safe, powerful container of Love Light for your own personal discovery through your own Beloved I AM Presence/Higher Self.  Learn more here.

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Family of Light  Full Pay 

Family of Light  Payments

The Quickening Full Pay 

The Quickening Payments