Your Mental Body

What happens to your mental body when you find yourself caught up in mass panic that’s being spread in the news or social media?

What can you do in that moment?

I’m going to answer that question.  

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Your auric field is your spiritual protective shield of Light.  This protection is more powerful than any situation in our physical world.  

Pay attention because these are crazy times and you want to stay above the turmoil so you can be in a place of peace.  

That’s the best way to build a beautiful life and to assist the Company of Heaven and all Lightworkers in  bringing in a world that works for everyone.

Cleansing your auric field everyday helps you to live at your highest potential.

It also helps you stay in a sea of deep calm while Humpty Dumpty is having a great fall.

If you  haven’t had a chance to listen to the overview of my video titled “Your Auric Field,” you’ll find it here.

Your Mental Body

Your mental body was formed out of the substance of the air. It is designed to be a receiver, like a chalice, to download brilliant divine ideas. 

Your mental body has the power to mold these ideas into workable form. The mind is contained in the mental body. The mind, which is also called consciousness, is your servant,  not your master.

Your mental body was created to be the instrument to hold the pattern, the perfect vision, and build the form of what you desire to manifest. 

Most of us have been using our mental body to create what we don’t want.  

If you find yourself holding a picture in your mind of what you don’t want to happen. Don’t hesitate to stop and breath.

You don’t want to go there because you are giving your attention to that thing you don’t want. By ruminating it over in your mind, projecting about what could happen, and talking about it with others, you are literally energizing that fear into manifestation. 

You are using the mental body in reverse of how it was created to work.

When you find yourself in mental turmoil it’s important to ask the question, “Do these thoughts belong to me?”  

Because many times, if you are empathic or sensitive to energy (as I am), you pick up other people’s thoughts.  This is another reason why it’s so important to keep your auric field strong.  

Let’s Get Practical

What you can do to keep your mental body pristine?  

With a clear mind, you become fertile ground to catch the highest thoughts of the Universe.   

Somebody once said the difference between poverty and wealth is an IDEA.  Those ideas flow from the mind of God.

The Elemental Kingdom is the mind of God in form.  They are designed to be obedient to us, because, as my friend Kathryn says, “We are Godlings.”   

The elementals help bring our thoughts into manifestation.  They are servants of the Light.

Here’s a simple 3 step process that will help you cleanse your Mental Body in a moment of distress.

1st Step: STOP and BREATHE.  Call on the Sylphs of the air element.  These beautiful beings of Light purify our environment and our bodies daily.  When you recognize the Sylphs they move into action. Simply connect with your Divinity and say “Beloved I AM Presence I call on the Sylphs of the air to help me purify my mind through my breath.  Breathe deeply and slowly, in and out… three times.

2nd Step: Now call on the Mighty Elohim Peace and Aloha to help calm your mind.  Say three times “Peace be still.”  You are commanding your mental body to calm down.

3rd Step: LIGHT is the answer to clear all the negative thoughts out of your mental body.  The Violet Flame is the sacred fire that is perfect for this job.  Simply say:  Violet Flame, Violet Flame, Violet Flame, BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE through my mental body, transmuting (divine alchemy) all shadow into LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!  Say this three times.

Daily Practice

Have a daily meditation practice to keep your mental body clear and ready. Still your mind in the silence without an agenda.  Simply be with Spirit and with your breath.  There’s no substitute for this.

Also set an intention daily to keep your mental body ready to receive the highest thoughts of Spirit.  

It’s important to have a mantra or an affirmation that you keep repeating.  

The reason for this is to give your mind something to do because it loves to wander and find something to worry about. 

I use a short mantra, so I can remember it.  

My current favorite is 

“I AM always the Victorious Presence of the Mighty ‘I AM’”

‘I AM’ Discourse with Saint Germain

Don’t forget to ask the Slyphs to help you stay focused on what is GOOD!

In the next video I’ll be talking about your emotional bodies and how to keep yourself in a happy and harmonious place with the help of the Angels.  

I’ll to be doing that video with the dolphins. I’m going on a special internship to improve my communication with the dolphins, manatees, and sea lions. Speak Dolphin is the amazing organization I’m going with. Read more about it here.  

Until then, don’t forget you are powerful and you are precious. 


  1. Claudia Gemmer

    Thank you the mantras you gave resonated with me. I will use them when I feel my mental body taking over❤

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