Your Sacred Vow

Have you ever taken the time to think about your sacred vow, the agreement you made around money and wealth?

When I took the time to make the inquiry it completely changed my life.

Day 13 from 21 Days to Abundance Through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary we are given this instruction from Mother Mary.

“Beloved, you made an agreement before you came of what you wanted your experience of money to be in this world, this time around.

Some of you were so intent on doing your part in Earth’s Ascension, that you didn’t plan for your own provision.

Many of you have become distracted from your work because of your financial situation.

The good news is you can change it now.

Spend some time today in this inquiry.

Connect with your Beloved I AM Presence and your Beloved team.  Connect with my heart by invoking my Presence and the Angels of Abundance and ask the question: “What was my agreement around my experience of money during this lifetime?” *

Be open to whatever you hear and write it down.

Have a conversation with me about it.  I’m right here with you.

When Jennifer asked this question the answer she received was startling to her in its starkness.  “You didn’t make any plans for your experience of money…nothing.”

Whatever you hear, use it as an opportunity to love yourself even more.

I love and adore you,
Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance”

This inquiry is what brought me into the intimacy of this 21 Day process with Mother Mary and the writing of this book.

You have to read Day 14 to get the entire story.  Order your copy HERE.

I’d love to here what your sacred vow.  What was the agreement you made of what you wanted your experience with money and wealth in this lifetime?  Please share below.



* Adapted from Abundance for All by Caroline Oceana Ryan


  1. Jeanine

    Mine was to be poor and then, to be rich. When I heard that, I instantly could see clearly all the ways i tried to honor that before I was actually able to create poverty. Hope I am about to move on to wealth, now! 🙂

    1. Jen Post author

      Of course you are Jeanine, Wealth is your true nature. Keep on my sister.

  2. Carol J Gosselin

    Thank you Jennifer!!!
    Here’s part of this morning’s write followed by what i received when i asked what i came to experience re: money.
    WOW…Everything that used to require so much force, for me, now only needs the subtle shift into gentleness thus allowing a quiet surrender of acceptance and TLC naturally follows.
    Touch is my feeling tone for The Mercy Full One to heal the connection of my experience of money flowing the Source of Abundance in my life. My life as a prayer will finance freedom. Aho. And So It Is. Amen.

    1. Jen Post author

      Beautiful Carol,
      Thank you.

  3. Pamela White

    Hi Jennifer My agreement was to learn
    The Right Use of Will. God’s Will.
    My Life is the Miracle and the Will of God’s Love and God’s Truth.
    You see upon conception my fathers will was for my life to be aborted. That theme continued through my whole life.
    Upon reflection now I’m am really only here because of God’s Will.
    Thank you Jennifer my life is now beginning to make sense and am feeling so loved and valued by God my Divine Father and Mother Mary and my Team.

    1. Jen Post author

      This is so inspiring Pamela. You are loved so much that God would have it no other way. Your life is so valuable that even if your earthly Father didn’t get it, your Beloved Father Mother God insisted that you are here. They have invested in you. Hallelujah! Keep on for you are a precious and powerful emissary of the Most High.

  4. Elisa

    My vow and new agreement is i am allowed to be instantly rich! Through my divine i am presence, through the angels, my beloved mother mary an our hearts in perfect meld, an my so dealy loved & adored jennifer, (oh wow i feel this in my heart so profound), i am absolutely allowed to win money by forsight by help of my divine team an beloved i am that i am presence. All whilst ALWAYS BEING 100% SHILDED PROTECTED & GUIDED THROUGH ALL DIMENSIONS OF MY FIELDS, INCLUDING ALL MY LOVED ONES AN THEIR FIELDS, BY ARCH ANGEL MICHAEL, THE VIOLET FLAME, AN ALL THE FORCES OF LIGHT! the violet flame is so good an all forces of light, transmutes all negativity an shadow instantly, through my beloved i am. & through my beloved i am, our conciousnesses beckme 1! Just like the divine union of mine & moher marys heart for ever more.
    I LOVE how i never have a money issue in the world now, an become so instantly rich when i ask through my beloved i am & invoke Mother Mary & the angelz of abundance, cause i was never ment to do this alone,
    That im also helping many others all around the world now.
    I love how mother mary, the violet flame, & angels of abundance come rushing to be by my side every single time i invoke a win, to carry it out for me, no matter what!
    & SO IT IS!

  5. Elisa Oshalders

    The other part to my new sacred vow and agreement is through my beloved i am that i am for my heart an mother marys heart to fully be in divine union now and for ever more, and through my divine i am that i am presence, i invoke mother mary and the angels of abundance now and ask mother mary to borrow her immaculate agreement until mine became strong enough, and release now all money experiences in to the union of our hearts. & so it is

  6. Elisa Oshalders

    The other part of my new vow and agreement is to through my beloved i am, invoke mother mary and the angels of abundance any time i need money an be instantly blessed wjth money.
    My new vow agreement around money now, is to know all my money experiences come through the divine union portal of mine an mother marys heart, cause i was never ment to do any of it alone

  7. Elisa Oshalders

    -To borrow Mother Mary’s immaculate heart until mine becomes strong enough.
    – to never suffer or experience scarcity again.
    – activate my 5 Clair’s & ascend gracefully knowing I ended pain & suffering

  8. Elizabeth Guida

    My agreement was to love unconditionally both myself and spouse/others whether money was in abundance or not. Also I had to learn to love money again and release my negative perspective of it as I believed ‘to be rich/prosperous was selfish – we are to give to others before Self’. Now on Day 14 I can TRULY say my consciousness has transformed to a much higher vibration as has my Love for Self. I also realized that as I do this for me, it is also being done for others! Thank you Mother Mary, Angels of Abundance and you, dear Jennifer! <3

  9. Marina Lejnina

    I got the 1st answer- Abundance. I asked- why I struggle? Answer – You walked away from your plan pass. My Next question- What should I do? Answer- Open your Heart

    1. Jen Post author

      Awesome work Marina. So beautiful. Keep on my sister.

  10. Aziza

    Mine was to be Abundant and rich beyond my imagination.

    1. Jen Post author

      Wow Aziza, that is incredible.

  11. Winifred

    To be in abundance but I didn’t truly believe it’s my inheritance so I always beg for it and it comes in trickles. Now I realize that I own it through my divine I AM presence and Mother Mary. I am in charge now and it will start rushing in. So be it!

  12. Feroza

    I ask mother Mary an the angles of abundance to walk with me into abundant freedom as I Change my contract from lack into abundant wealth an joyfull love I also ask mother Mary an the Angels for there help as thy can not help if i dont give them permission to do so
    I ask mother Mary an the violet flame an my beloved I am with my heart an mother Mary’s to become one an so it is
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Mother Mary i love an adore you
    an Jennifer Ruth

    1. Jen Post author

      And so it is! We are standing with you in total agreement Feroza.

  13. Vivian Galaura

    I want to be cleared of debt and be financially rich so i can help my relatives who are below poverty line here in the Philippines. When i started 21 days to abundnce God seemingly provided all my finances and started focusing on who i am and forget my debts. Thanks Jennifer for the 21 days abundance with Mama Mary’s love and intercession with the angels of abundance. Thank u, thank u. Thank u. I claim financial freedom and abundance from this day onwards!

    1. Jen Post author

      I stand with you in total agreement. Yes! And so it is! Beloved I Am!

  14. Kathy Hun

    Writing to Mother Mary

    Me: What was my agreement around my experience of money during this lifetime?
    MM: Let go of money to receive an abundance of it.

    Me: Are you sure life will be that abundant for me?
    MM:Your thinking is 3D.

    Me: Why do i deserve it?
    MM: Because you are loved. You are love.

    Me: How will this money come to me?
    MM: Co-creation.

    Me: Wouldn’t this be bad for Spirituality?
    MM: That’s the old paradigm.

    Me: So i get the beautiful home, the animals, plants and the location? Really?!
    MM: Yes.

    Me: But I don’t want or need that much.
    MM: We want you to model something new. New paradigm.

    Me: This is hard to believe.
    MM: Let go of your beliefs.

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