Divine Healing

Is there a relationship in your life that’s ready for a divine healing?

Who comes to mind when I ask you that question?

Watch this video (2:38) to to hear more.

In this earth school some of our relationships are tough.  That is to say they take a lot of energy and they’re not easy. 

I call them our universities of deep learning, because they take us to the very core of our loving.

You can’t discard a relationship.     Because each person in your life has been called by your Highest Self to instruct you in the way of the heart. 

However if you don’t embrace this learning, you won’t move on and your heart will continue to avoid this initiation and close down. 

I want to invite you to a Divine Healing of your most difficult relationship.  This person could still be here in your everyday life,  It could be someone from your past that you don’t see any longer, or it could be someone beyond the veil.

Sanctuary this Sunday

In Sanctuary, my online healing meditation service this Sunday, March 10th at 5PM PST you’ll experience a Rose Healing Meditation for your difficult relationship(s).

Lady Nada (the Goddess of Love and the Lady Master of the 6th Ray of Peace, Grace and Ministration; with Lady Master Rowena (Lady Master of the 3rd Ray of the Divine Feminine Pink Ray of Unconditional Love), are coming together to bring us a Healing Rose Meditation to help you lift your most difficult relationship into its eternal resolution and freedom.

These two powerful Representatives of Our Great Mother are a mighty force of divine healing.

What you can expect from joining us this Sunday, March 10th for Sanctuary?

You’ll receive:

  • A transmission of PURE DIVINE LOVE
  • A dance of renewal
  • A sound healing of forgiveness and rebirth
  • A release of the heaviness of your most difficult relationship into its eternal resolution and freedom

Join us twice a month for only $19.97

Join us for one Sanctuary for only $11.11

After your purchase stay on the Paypal page for a a minute and it will direct you to a page with the call info.

What’s the most challenging part of your relationships. I’d love to hear about it. Please share below.

Setting boundaries has been one of my biggest challenges and learning in my close relationships.


  1. Elizabeth Rose Kovacevich

    I turn to prayer when I no longer know who I am, where to go or who I am meant to be. Thank you got offering this beautiful meditation just at this very moment.

    1. Jen Post author

      Holding you in the high watch my sister. Love, Jennifer

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