In the Eye of the Storm

Please join me in the eye of the storm. Let’s celebrate the constancy of nature while the world appears to be in great chaos.

The full momentum of the Resurrection Flame is here to help us strengthen our immunity and spiritual strength.

“Beauty and Love are in the fragrance of the flowers, and when the flowers blow in a gentle breeze, they sway to and fro, nod their tiny heads and speak of love. Let men learn their language, the language of the heart. And let them understand that poetic meandering that is the reverie of the soul as it inhabits the nature kingdom…”

Amaryllis, Goddess of Spring

Mother Mary and Amaryllis are taking us under their wings on this beautiful Spring/Autumn Equinox.

Come join us in an amazing Eye of the Storm Sanctuary, this Sunday, March 22, 2020, at 5 PM PDT If you can’t make the time, you can listen to the replay anytime. It is truly a Sanctuary in the eye of the storm. SIGN UP HERE

Mother Mary’s message.

Beloved, Come out of the cloud of fear and be strong and of good courage. 

There is a beautiful divine plan flowing above what you hear and what you see on the national media.

You are being called on now, Beloved Lightworker, to stay in the Light and be available for high service.  You are bringing in the New Earth.

The Light bearers are the ones that will be leading the way.  Everything that is happening in your life is for a divine reason.  Therefore, surrender to the fine-tuning that you are being asked to do now.

Remember your Beloved I AM Presence and your Guides of Light, can’t communicate with you if you are in fear.  You won’t be getting any guidance if you are in fear.

Listen to me now.

There is nothing to fear … ever.  You are under the care of the Most High 100% of the time.

Have faith.  Call on Archangel Michael and Lady Faith to help increase the faith that you have.  Your faith is pure gold.  Your faith and your love is the only thing required of you right now.

This is a powerful time of creation.  The Glory of God is being unleashed in its full potential now.  The nature kingdom and all of humanity are sharing this glory.  You both are at the same frequency at this time of year.  It’s like being on the same field in the most magnificent arena of Light.

My friend Amaryllis is devoted to the Holy Spirit in nature.  She embodies the Divine Feminine Christ and carries a huge momentum of Divine Power.  She helped to create the Earth.

We are inviting you to come into the Eye of the Storm with us this Sunday, March 22nd in Sanctuary.

We’ll dance together with the Elemental Kingdom in gratitude and service to one another.  This alone will empower you to look beyond what you see and hear and transcend the low energy of fear and worry.

Remember you can do this.  You came here for this time.

I love and adore you,

Mother Mary

Sanctuary is a Healing Light Song Meditation Service

Sanctuary is held on the 4th Sunday of every month, online.  We are meeting this Sunday, March 22nd at 5 PM PDT.

Find out more about Sanctuary here.

Besides, where else will you be going this Sunday?

We’ll be doing our meditation in the Temple of Resurrection with Mother Mary and the Goddess of Spring, Amaryllis.

What can you expect from this luscious Sanctuary?

A release of fear and worry in the bosom of the Divine Feminine and the Nature Kingdom

An opportunity to celebrate Spring as we dance with Amaryllis and the Elemental Kingdom

Strength and faith from Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Angelic Kingdom

A simple prayer of Divine Protection for yourself and your loved ones to use over and over again

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  1. Maria

    We are ONE, united in prayer & forward we go, I am here with all my LOVE & LIGHT!! and so it is, AMEN!

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