Krishna and Jesus

What do Krishna and Jesus share?

We were brought to this brilliant beautiful planet after it started turning on its own axis. Humans were the first to inhabit the Earth.  We enjoyed two glorious Golden Ages.

You and I use to walk daily with the Archangels and dance with the elementals as we helped expand the Queendom the Kingdom of Heaven.

We were in our God Estate.  We were in perfect sync with our purpose. 

Mankind had no need of a savior.

But we didn’t stay in that opulent joyful estate.

We began turning our attention away from God and towards the pain and pleasures of our 5 senses.  Like adolescents we went into rebellion and lost our way.

We became spiritually ignorant and the Golden Ages turned into dark ages.  The Angels couldn’t hang out with us in this darkness and the elemental life (who obey the thoughts and feelings of mankind) took our thoughts and created cataclysmic natural disasters.

We needed a savior, literally.

So guess who shows up for us?  Krishna. 

Krishna was the first Christ and He came from another planet.

As he came to Earth, he chose to draw, through his own consciousness a powerful momentum of Light.  This life giving Flame was restorative and came from the heart of God, from Life Itself.

Krishna literally anchored the Resurrection Flame within his own cosmic heart and established it in the etheric realms over the Holy Land.

This Resurrection Flame came specifically to bring us back to life.

“He drew to Earth the Resurrection Flame, as a means of restoring the fallen sons of God, should they desire to return to their natural God–Estate.”  Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, AMTF by Werner Schroeder

This flame was necessary for us,  the nature kingdom and for all elemental life.  It helped to start rebuilding our spiritual strength.

There were several Krishnas.  The first Krishna’s message was “Service is the Law of Life.”  He recorded these teachings and they are known as the ancient Vedas.

Since then we have had 49 different Christs.  Jesus the Christ being the last one.

So let’s look at Jesus

Preparing for his ministry, Jesus took a trip to India.  Krishna is from India and worshiped as a major deity by the Hindus.

Jesus met his Guru in India.  Think about that trip all the way from the Holy Land to India on foot.  When he got there he sat in an unnamed circle of students and no words were exchanged.

Jesus received his life mantra telepathically, ‘I Am the Resurrection and the Life,” and the fullness his life mission was revealed to him.

The purpose of Jesus’s visit had been accomplished. In 48 hours he began the long trek home, over joyed having received this great gift.  This gift is what he built his ministry on that still stands today.

Jesus tells us that knowledge is not as important as application.

During this month the full power of the Resurrection Flame is flooding the Earth.  We see it as the resurrection of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Resurrection Temple over the Holy Land is streaming this river of divine energy to every one.

Let’s take full advantage of it.

Jesus came to show us how to resurrect our lives in this Flame.  

We are totally under using Krishna and Jesus’s Flame.

Do you know that your subconscious (the part of you that stores fear, anger, and trauma) is creating 90% or more of any suffering and lack you are experiencing?

Use the Resurrection flame to wake up.

I’d like to challenge you to wake up whatever is sleeping.  Maybe it’s your gift to heal yourself and others.  Maybe it’s your ability to create a life you love.

What are you ready to see bloom and become real in your life?  Your youth, your vitality, a loving partnership, a full to overflowing experience of abundance and opulence?  

Krishna and Jesus Sanctuaries

I want to invite you to join me, Krishna and Jesus, Mother Mary, AA Raphael, AA Gabriel, Lady Hope, Saint Germain, your Heavenly team and a beautiful circle of lightworkers in the Temple of Resurrection for the next 2 Sanctuaries.

You can join us for this sacred healing light mediation from your home sanctuary.  Click here for more information and to sign up.

April 28th and Mother’s Day, May 12th at 5pm Pacific.

I want to leave you with this message from Archangel Gabriel.

“Call forth that Flame of the Resurrection! Let that which seems ‘dead’ within you, LIVE! The light of God, the youth of God, the sight of God, the hearing of God, the beauty of God, the love of God, the opulence of God, the all–encompassing nature of God, IS ALIVE WITHIN YOU!”

What are you ready to resurrect in your life?  I’d love to hear it.  Please share below.



    Hello Jennifer, I am literally in panic, frozen, almost stagnant, yet ready to resurrect and achieve several thngs in my life.
    Here they are (in no particular order of importance):
    1- Crystal-clear clarity on anything and everything, specially regardin my inner self.
    2- Love. Unconditional love, sentimental love, mother love, sexual love, you name it. I am ready to heal my heart and LOVE on a large scale.
    3- Healing. I am dying to be the healer I’ve always been, so I’m ready to face my demons and kick out whatever lies within me that’s stopping me from fulfilling my mission.
    4- Emotional and sentimental stability, along with my marriage in case my trip down the clarity lane says I love him everyday and really want to spend the rest of my life with him. That’s how I feel now, but muy feelings and emotions have been on a roller coaster these couple years, so I need full clarity to act accordingly.
    5- Financial intelligence for sustained prosperity and abundance.
    6- Last but not least, absolute financial, mental and emotional freedom and independence.

    1. Jen Post author

      I Am the Resurrection and the Life of Perfection! I stand in agreement with you Maria. Use this affirmation often every day. Love, Jennifer

  2. Kim Mora

    Hi Jennifer! We finally arrived in our state, far from home in California. Already looking for our first home here with no idea what is coming our way in the future.

    The two-month journey we took to drive here during the winter now feels like our hibernation and we greeted spring with a joy we’ve never felt before.

    We are starting over financially as well. There is fear and anxiety coming up and I’m doing my best to stay seated in consciousness while staying as present as I can hoping to receive all guidance for which I have asked.

    This whole year has been an unpredictable experience and I’m ready for confirmation that we’re on the rigjt track.

    Thank you for holding vigil over us as we set out to find out what called us here and for what purpose. I honor you and your journey as well.

    1. Jen Post author

      Beloved Kim, Thank you for daring greatly and walking out on the skinny branches in faith. We’re surrounding you in pray. Divine Right Action is the Law of your Life. Hallelujah! Love, Jennifer

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