Live Mercy Chant with Kwan Yin

This is the perfect time for a live mercy chant gathering. In this special Sanctuary, we’ll be healing all self-judgment, anxiety, and fear of the future through our singing and meditation with Beloved Kwan Yin.

As we sing together we create a vortex that anchors Kwan Yin’s radiation of Mercy, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

Live Mercy Chant with Kwan Yin

We’ll be LIVE on Facebook on October 25th at 5 PM PDT. Michael Gayle will be joining me on guitar.

You’ll need to register in order to join us. There will also be a replay. Find out more about Sanctuary here.

Equity Scholarships are available

There is no mistake that Kwan Yin’s Temple of Mercy over Beijing China is once again open during this month of elections in the USA and around the world.

The primary function of this Temple is to transmute the causes and cores of all distress by directing the Flame of Mercy and Compassion into the conditions that need assistance.

Kwan Yin’s Message

“When you come into my embrace and invite me to pour the Mercy Flame through your auric field, this gives all pockets of shadow instruction to return to the Light in pure Freedom.

Every time that you sing you open your auric field as an anchor of Light. It is truly a gift for Our Radiation and the Divine Plan to find fulfillment through you.

When you sing the Mercy Chants of compassion and forgiveness you become a magnet that allows Mercy to be permanently established in the Earth’s atmosphere.

This Sanctuary will change you and lift you up to a new level of consciousness. You’ll feel the freedom to be more of your true self. You’ll feel calm and peaceful as you release all anxiety and fear, especially about the future.

Right now you are being asked by the Company of Heaven to surrender all of the structures in your life that feel so real to you and trust Father Mother’s Divine Plan for you and your country.”

Your Humble Servant,

Kwan Yin


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