Meet Your Ascension Sponsor

Are you ready to be mentored and companioned by a brilliant, majestic, and loving guardian?

Why is important to meet your sponsor for Ascension? 


In this Morning Light Meditation LIVE you’ll have the chance to feel into the energy of your  Beloved Sponsor as you glide through the camellia forest.

Without a sponsor, you are working on the 3D plane alone.

We all have a thick ceiling of human energy in the 4th Dimension that we’re working through. It contains every speck of life energy that we’ve ever squandered  throughout all of our lifetimes that needs to be freed back to the Light. 

Without a sponsor this is like manual labor, working with sweat and tears to get through.

If you try to travel into the Astral plain and other dimensions without a Sponsor it can actually set you back spiritually.  You are not equipped to handle the Light quotas and the shadow energy that you’ll be opening yourself up to. 

It can literally fry your circuits and open you up to negative experiences that can take months or even years to recover from.

The good news is you already have a sponsor. 

This Mighty Master or Lady Master was chosen for you at the very beginning of your first embodiment. At the same time your name was written in the Book of Life and you received your Guardian Angel, who’s only job is YOU.

Beloved, when you meet your sponsor for Ascension everything starts to make sense.  The Hierarchy of Heaven starts to become real to you.  You leave the world of make believe and enter into a real experience of Love Light. 

Listen to my experience with Mother Mary, who’s my sponsor by clicking here.

When you are ready your sponsor will invite you to live with them.  To sup at their table.  To be a part of their intimate family.  

You receive the privilege of their Energy Field that they have been cultivating over eons of time. They hold a Divine Authority from a much higher octave than you can get to at this time by yourself.

They know your Beloved I AM Presence intimately, your Higher Self. Together your Sponsor and your Higher Self set up the perfect combinations of experiences for you to quickly heal and transcend your challenges, which are your Ascension initiations.

You could think of your Ascension as a series of initiations.  You were never meant to do these without an entire team of help.

Meet your Sponsor this Sunday

This Sunday, at 5 PM PST you have an opportunity to “Meet Your Sponsor” in Sanctuary.  Sanctuary is my monthly Sacred Healing Light Meditation where healing and magic happen.

We’ll be journeying to the Temple of Illumination over Lake Titicaca Bolivia  so you can meet your Sponsor.

The Magnificence of this Temple will be the perfect environment for this work.    Mother Mary, my Sponsor, Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love, and the Maha Chohan, the Guardian of all of  the Seven Sacred Rays and the Elemental Kingdom will be assisting you.  The Maha Chohan is the one that wrote your name in the book of Life and assigned your Sponsor and your Guardian Angel to you.  He is BIG MEDICINE.

Being there live is a super delicious experience.  There will also be a replay.

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