Leaving the Tribe Healing

As a Lightworker you have experienced leaving tribe many, many times.  For we are the ones that open up to the new ideas of Ascension.

The tribe does its best to keep you within the beliefs and traditions that make a tribe, a tribe.  That keeps the boundaries and the rules safe and unthreatened by new ideas.

  • Have you experienced or are you experiencing a difficult divorce?
  • Do you long to be seen and acknowledged for who you are?
  • Do you feel like a stranger in your own family of origin?
  • Are you ready to release the old heartache of separation?

It’s time to accept your true power of your GOD FREEDOM of who you really are, beyond the tribe.

When a Lightworker goes into the unknown you are fulfilling your divine assignment of expanding the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven.

Jeshua and the Beloved Mother of us all Mother Mary have called us into the Temple of Resurrection to heal this ancient wound of separation together.