Sanctuary Replay – December 8, 2019




Love Exchange with Lady Master Venus

I have been in love with Lady Venus for over a decade.  I’m thrilled to dance with Her, the Angelic Host, Saint Germain and YOU in Sanctuary.

Lady Master Venus is the Goddess of Beauty.  She is the twin flame of Sanat Kumara.  During His voluntary exile on Earth, Lady Venus guided and protected the planet, Venus.  She is a powerful Lady Master.

Venus has revealed Herself to me as the Chohan of the 10th Golden Ray of Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, and the God Supply of all that is good.

This Goddess of Love Beauty, Saint Germain, and the Angels of Abundance are inviting us into a Love Exchange in the Temple of Shamballa.

This is an ancient form of worship and praise that will leave you:

  • Steeped in the High Frequency of the Golden Mist
  • Feeling completely Beautiful and Loved
  • Joyful and FULL as we sing praises and celebrate the Dance of Love Beauty

This Sanctuary is the perfect way to set up your Holiday Season in Love Beauty.