Sanctuary Replay – August 25, 2019




Golden Mist Abundance Upgrade with the Angels of Abundance

Do you realize what an opening we have each month by having a Retreat of an Ascended Master(s) open to us by Divine Design?

Think of the Temple of Resurrection as a sanctuary, a portal, and a gateway to speed up our ascension process and continue to build the momentum of our Light quota – for ourselves and for all life on Earth.

On Sunday, August 26th the Angels of Abundance asked us to gather for a Golden Mist  Abundance Upgrade.

They’ve asked for you to be there and to be fully present.  Bring some cash with you and if possible be in a place that you can lay down on the Earth. (Your sofa, carpet, or bed will do as well).

The Angels of Abundance want us to participate with them in pulling the Abundance (the Gold) of Venus through our hearts and upgrade our ability to receive as well as give a huge boost to the Elemental Kingdom and all of humanity for these purposes:

  • To go into the memory banks of all of humanity and release centuries of old money programming that makes us feel victimized by a system that we have no control over.
  • To help us release the continuous focus on ‘not enough’, lack of money, unworthiness, doubt, and fear.
  • To allow our hearts to open in compassion to the Elemental Kingdom that is involved in all the choices mankind has made because of greed and money that have affected all of the elementals on this planet, including our Body Elementals – and free them of this burden.
  • To lift us out of this old belief system of powerlessness and give us an upgrade that will allow the Opulence of Heaven to make a new flow pattern in our lives.