Sound of Compassion Healing

The Sound of Compassion Sanctuary will be live online at 5 PM PST on Sunday, 9/22/19 replay will be available the next day.

There is so much uncertainty in the air.  Things that have seemed to always be in place are changing rapidly.

Are you feeling stressed?

Relationships are ending, governments appear to be in chaos, the old paradigms are crumbling, and all of this is triggering ancient trauma that’s wanting to be permanently released.

Our oldest fears and worries, especially around our security and money are coming to the surface.

Who’s really in charge here?  What about the future?  Will there be enough? Am I enough?

Come and release all your stress and di-stress in the Sound of Compassion Healing with Kwan Yin and her legions of Angels of the Violet Fire.

Kwan Yin has opened up her Temple of Mercy and Compassion for us this month. What does this mean for us?

FREEDOM!  This most exquisite Lady Master is dedicated and consecrated to eliminate and dissolve all distress and stress that is making you feel weighted down.

In this Sanctuary you’ll:

  • Clear all of your suffering across all of your lifetimes in the Flame of Mercy and Compassion
  • Remember that you are a Sovereign Creator
  • Honor the wholeness of your true nature
  • Release the ancient stress of ‘NOT ENOUGH’
  • Receive a Sound Healing of Compassion for yourself and all of life