Worthy of Unconditional Self-Love

Do you feel worthy of your own love?

Do you have a hard time feeling worthy of wealth and abundance and although you’ve tried many processes and programs, it still lingers?

I have worked on my own feelings of worthiness for a long time and I’m grateful to tell you that I am coming up on the other side of this valley.  I have let myself receive mercy, love and compassion with the help of Mother Mary and Kwan Yin that have healed my heart.

And yes…I am worthy of my own love.  And so are YOU!

You are worthy of your own love.

Listen to this video to remind you.

I have some great news.  Kwan Yin, who’s Temple of Mercy is open to us this month, is inviting you to receive a release of this old, old idea of unworthiness on a cellular level and give you a healing transmission of empowerment and unconditional love.

This month Sanctuary will be under Kwan Yin’s care as we focus on stepping into our own unconditional self-love, on October 28th, and forgiveness of the old paradigm of the bullies on November 11th.

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As I sat with Kwan Yin and with the highest divine idea for Sanctuary this month, this is what she told me.

We will focus on Heart healing, deep forgiveness and releasing of unworthiness, self loathing, self hatred, judgement, criticism and disbelief in self.

Kwan Yin Speaks

  “If you will allow me, let me in. The Mercy Flame that I bring is amplified now.  My retreat has been open for two months this year in the span of 3 months.  The reason for this is the Karmic Board saw a deep need for release and mercy in mankind.  This will be a release of self loathing and hatred and all of it’s cousins: unworthiness, undeservedness, shame, lack of self esteem and disbelief in self.  We want to help you step into your creator-ship.

We can help you lift into a new place of empowerment, but we can’t do it for you.  You need to come to the fount of Mercy and partake of it’s powerful cleansing and permanent release.  For eons of time you have not believed in your creative abilities.  You have given your power away and seen yourself as victim.  This age is over and we are helping you step into your power.  It must begin with you.

We are grateful to see the world becoming unsettled.  The collective psyche is being unraveled and the sea of suffering is being transmuted as never before so that a new day may be born.

Do not be discouraged by what you see with your human eyes and ear in your media reports.  There is no clarity here about what is going on.

This is simply a pageantry of illusion.  Don’t get sucked into it.
Stay focused on your Divine Presence within and what is REAL.

Forgive the bullies and the old white male paradigm that is disintegrating in front of your eyes.  It will not leave quietly, it is holding on with its fingernails, grasping to stay in control.  This is what we will do right after the elections.

Forgive them for they know not what they do.

My fellow Lightworker are you ready to stand in unconditional self-love?  You are worthy of every good thing.


  1. Amruta Gupta

    Yes I am ready to stand in unconditional self love. Also I wish each and every being on this planet should practice unconditional self love 🙂

  2. Paula Casey Githens

    I look forward to being Present on this wonderful call. What an honor. Thank you Jennifer ???

    1. Jen Post author

      The energy is building with this Sanctuary and I’m so excited about it. I’m grateful for your presence Paula. Wow! What an incredible gift you are.

  3. Elisa

    Yes yes yes i am ready for this.

    Thank you Quan Yin
    Thank you jennifer, we couldnt have done any of this wothout you.

  4. rmgabrielle8

    I’m signed up! Really looking forward to this Sanctuary. I need the contact info. Phone number. Thank you so much!

    1. Jen Post author

      I’m so grateful you were with Kwan Yin and all of us today.

  5. Annick

    The synchronicity of this invitation is remarkable! I am honoured to be part of this event. Thank you.

    1. Jen Post author

      I’m so grateful you are a part of this event. Hallelujah!

  6. Miranda Lorell

    Wanted to jouin but have to be on the road. Is there a replay?

    I cant believe what the title of this is- when I saw it in my inbox I could not believe Spirits humor. and synchronicity. Recently I have been getting back into my artwork (after decades of inactivity) and what is coming forth is astounding me. I have just finished a paining of Mother Mary or the Divine Mother which was the most popular at the art show. I heard my heart whisper to me to do a series of paintings of the Divine Feminine/ Divine Mother.

    The one I just began two days, ago in sketch form now, is of Quan Yin. She is calling me to paint her.

    So hopefully there will be a replay!

    1. Jen Post author

      Yes there’s a replay that you can use over and over again.

  7. Diana Krewinkel

    I just completed listening to this transmutation of unworthiness. I am deeply grateful to now be a part of Sanctuary.

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you Beloved Diana for showing up for this powerful work.

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