Birthing You Crystalline Light Body

May 24th at 5 pm PT, Mother Mary, and her twin flame Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope, with Jeshua, known as Lord Sananda, are asking us to come into the Temple of Resurrection to experience a full integration of our 5th dimensional crystalline solar light bodies.

This will be a transmission, a Resurrection Master Course experiential.

Mother Mary says that it is not necessary for you to fully understand this, in order to participate.

In fact it’s beyond what our human minds can take in at this time.

This is a huge opportunity to be reborn into the Light.

The good news is you’ve got nothing to lose except pain and suffering.

What is life like in a fully integrated Crystalline solar Light Body?

  • You’ll have complete FREEDOM of movement physically and ethereally.  That means on this planet and throughout the cosmos.
  • Your Light body will become dominant.  That means you will not experience pain, sickness, decay, or death; as we understand it.
  • The Glory of Joy will flow through your life.  You’ll feel body happiness on a regular basis.
  • Divine AUTHORITY will become natural for you, which will affect every area of your life; including your money life.
  • You’ll begin connecting with the playfulness and magic of the Elemental Kingdom, which will bring you extraordinary satisfaction and delight in your work.