Restore Your Soul

Take time to restore your soul

“She leads me beside still waters, Peace and Hope restores my soul.”

The intensity of Light that is flooding our planet is creating a lot of chaos as it cleanses anything unlike Itself.

We are being called to this work every day.  To participate in bringing every part of Life that has lost its way, back home to the Light.

You and I came here specifically, at this time of great change, to be the Light of the world.  To claim Victory over lack, limitation of any kind, and even death. 

We came to SET LIFE FREE through the Love of our hearts.

I’m reminded over and over again that we didn’t come here on a pleasure cruise or to be comfortable. 

The comfort of the Holy Spirit, the Violet Flame and the Angels help us to bring ease to all of it. Thank God, there are a lot of pleasures for us to enjoy.

Take time to nurture and restore your soul.

Yoga restores me. When I’m feeling depleted, I love doing a restorative yoga class. 

“Restorative yoga is a healing style of yoga that provides plenty of support with the use of props and longer holds so that we can connect deeply to our breathe. A beautiful way to slow down and restore. Perfect for all students!” – Krissy Harb –  Spiritual Heart Yoga

I want to urge you today to take some time to restore your soul and steep in some Self-Care.

4 Different Ways to Restore Your Soul

Here are four suggestions to help you do that:  Choose one or all four to renew your strength and hope.

1.  Join me this Sunday for a special Restore Your Soul Sanctuary. Sanctuary is my bi-monthly Sacred Healing Light Meditation.  We meet online at 5 PM PST in a sacred, consecrated circle for deep healing and restoration.  There’s always a replay so you can restore whenever you need it.

This Sunday, the Angels of Peace and Resurrection,  Mother Mary, Jeshua, and our Beloved Lady Hope want to minister to you.

Come and bathe in the waters of Peace and release all burdens of all that is going on in your life and in the world.

Are you ready come out of the feelings of overwhelm and responsibility? You’ll be restored and renewed in the Sacred Fire.

Lady Hope

Lady Hope is going to saturate you with her incredible power of Hope Eternal.  You’ll leave this Sanctuary feeling like you have been born again and excited about your journey.

2.  If you feel like you are in a battle of faith and fear around your financial situation this next opportunity for restoring your soul is for you.  For a short time, we are offering complimentary Divine Abundance Clarity Sessions. If this calls to you don’t hesitate to apply by clicking here.

3.  If you live in the Los Angeles area join Krissy and me for a Ho’oponopono Chant Restorative Yoga @ Spiritual Heart Yoga in downtown Montrose.  The depth of this event will restore your body, your heart, and your soul.  9/13 at 7 PM – space is limited, sign up early. Click here for more info and to register.

4. Get in some water. Take a soak in the ocean, a lake, a pool or a hot tub.

Please share below the way that you take time to restore your soul.

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