Your Emotional Body

Your emotional body is the body of your feelings.  This part of your energy field is formed out of the substance of the water element.  Just as water covers 72% of the Earth, your emotional body is the largest body in your Auric field. 

Think of it as your own personal ocean that is in constant motion.  It extends about 3 feet out from your physical body.  

The dolphins also have a large emotional body.  That’s one reason we are drawn to them and it’s easy to feel connected to them.  They are lightworkers.  Just thinking about them makes us smile.

Enjoy this video with images of my time in the Riviera Maya experiencing a healing and a mystical journey with the dolphins.

Jennifer with her Dolphin Queen Regina
I love this Lightworker. Her name is Regina the Queen.

After spending some intimate time with dolphins (Dolphin Discovery and Speak Dolphin) I think that they are here to help us heal our heart connection, which is the center of our emotional bodies.

The Angelic Kingdom is connected to your heart and your feeling tone. 

Your emotional body was created with energy drawn from the emotional realm, in other words, the domain of the Angels and the Archangels.

This body allows you to feel the Angels and the presence of the Mighty I AM. 

How your mental and your emotional body work together

Remember, your mental body was created to download brilliant divine ideas and to hold the form, like a template of the idea. 

Your feelings were created to nourish divine ideas with positive feelings of accomplishment by flowing the very nature of God. In other words, flowing faith, joy, harmony, abundance, purity, mercy, forgiveness, love, and peace right into the chalice of the divine idea. 

“The mental body was designed to create form, the feeling body was created to nourish that form with qualified life.” 21 Essential Lessons by Werner Schroeder

I used to let my feelings drag me around on a short leash.  

Sometimes a fear of losing someone would shut me down emotionally and it was easier to just go numb.   The feeling of unworthiness could keep me stuck and I couldn’t reach out or do anything constructive for days. 

We came here to experience Life Itself through our feelings.  Your emotional body is in constant motion, like the ocean.

If you are in your God groove and your body is filled with Light, your emotional body deflects all destructive feelings that are projected at you or around you.

You are in control

You are then in control of all energy wherever you are.  Like a cork floating on top of the water you can easily stay in a buoyant and happy state.  You are in a state of harmony.  

We all love being in this place of uninterrupted harmony.  We call it happiness.

However, if you’re not in that place of connection your emotional body is easily influenced by the psychic and astral realm of all humanity.  

All negative and toxic feelings like fear, doubt, unworthiness, lack, powerlessness, greed, and anger are deposited in this body.

When that happens you start to feel really heavy and out of control.  You’ll also feel physically exhausted.  Your emotional body is where all illness begins.

Since radiating your feelings is 50% of your creative power, it’s important to keep this body buoyant in Light and Joy all the time.

The only value that feeling lousy has is to help you know it’s time to raise your vibration. 

Before I share the fastest way to lift your emotional body into Joy and Love, take a big breath and ask if there’s something you need to take care of.

angel in water drops

Do you need to talk something out with someone close to you?  

Did you mess up and you need to apologize and ask for forgiveness?

Do you need to balance your check book?  This is helpful if you’re feeling broke or in financial distress.

Do you need to have some time with your inner child and give her some love? 

Do you need to drink some water?  You’d be amazed how a good drink of water will lift your feeling tone.

If something comes up in this inventory, don’t hesitate to take care of it as soon as possible.

Now let’s ramp up your JOY!

Mother Mary is the perfect Archai to call on.  She is a Master of uninterrupted harmony.  Whenever you call on Mother Mary her entire entourage of thousands and thousands of Angels and Elementals come with her 

We’re also going to ask the spirit of the Dolphins to help us.  They are masters of Joy, Love and playfulness.

Invite your inner child to help with this simple exercise.

Begin by saying, “Mother Mary and the spirit of the Dolphins I love and adore you. I’m so grateful for all that you are doing for me and all of mankind.  Please help me with lifting my emotional body into Joy and Love.”

Now stand up and start moving your hands in a figure eight, the Infinity sign, all around your physical body.  

See these waves of Infinity as pure God energy.  Be curious as you imagine them turning into different colors of the rainbow.  Feel the Angels and the Dolphins swimming all around you amplifying the energy of Joy and Love.

Now invite your inner child to make up a simple song using the words Joy and Love.  Keep moving your hands in an Infinity sign and start to dance.  

After you sing and dance with Mother Mary and the Dolphins for a few minutes, check in and see how you are feeling?   Keep going if you want.

There’s no limit to how much Joy and Love there is for you.

Be vigilante

Be vigilante throughout the day. Keep your mind above the stream of negative thoughts and emotions.

Ask the Angels and Dolphins to help you often.  Every single time you ask to be filled up with more Joy, more Peace, more Abundance or more Love, they always respond.  

Use this precious gift of their Magnificent Radiance that we’ve been given,

As you get spiritually stronger, your emotional body will get super healthy and it becomes easier to master this part of your Auric field.

If you are ready to become spiritually stronger and your interested in working with the Company of Heaven please join me for an Ascension Clarity Call.  It’s my gift to you.  If you’re interested don’t hesitate to get on my schedule right now. 

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Keep you eye out for the next video.  We are going to learn more about the elusive Etheric Body.

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