Your Physical Body

Your physical body helps you to function in 3D and allows you to expand the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven.

This is the final video in my series on the Auric Field.  Before we get into your body and it’s amazing capacity for transformation, take a minute to watch this video and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I am in Australia, the perfect place to explore the divinity of our physical bodies. This video captures the beauty of my time here.

Let’s dive into the most obvious part of your auric field, your physical body.

In your energy field,  your physical body’s role is to be an anchor.

Your physical body helps you to function in 3D and allows you to expand the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven.

Your body is a temple of the living God.

Because Your physical body is made out of the elements of the Earth, it’s important to let yourself be on the Earth, feel the dirt, play in the sand, splash in the water, and enjoy the pleasures of your senses.  

Connecting to the Earth helps you to stay present and be aware of what is happening around you.

If you’re feeling spacey or bumping into things, it’s probably because you are not anchored into your body.

Learning about earthing and grounding my body really helped me go deeper in my meditations.

Staying in tune with your physical body and taking good care of it is part of your spiritual journey.  

If you take the time to ask your body what is needs and listen to the answer it may surprise you how accurate it is.  As my friend Daryl says, ‘Your body never lies.’

I have found the best way to cleanse the energy field of my physical body is to get physically active. 

My favorite ways to take care of my physical body 

  • Hike with a friend
  • Take off my shoes and walk on the dirt, on the grass, or on the moss
  • Participate in a good yoga class that focuses on my breath
  • Go for a swim in the ocean or a river
  • Take a bath or a shower
  • Get plenty of rest

Please share your favorite ways to ground and stay present in your body.

Think of your Auric field as a great symphony. Let’s take a look at how all these subtle bodies that we’ve been looking at separately, work together.

Your etheric body weaves through your physical body. It actually interpenetrates your physical body. These two bodies are surrounded first by your mental body and then by your emotional body.

Your physical body is the anchor to all of your other subtle bodies and is very sensitive to your thoughts and feelings.  

You can literally choose to create dis-ease or radiant beauty in your physical body.  

I’m sharing a powerful beauty decree from Saint Germain* at the bottom of this page.

Take the time and effort to keep your auric field humming in it’s natural state. As a result, your body will be happy and start singing like a well tuned orchestra playing the most beautiful musical composition.  

The conductor of this amazing symphony is your very own Body Elemental.  

Your Body Elemental

Who is your Body Elemental?  This loving conscious being is a key player in the way you feel, the state of your physical health, and your spiritual strength. 

This relationship is as important as your relationship with your Guardian Angel.

We learn a lot about our body elementals in the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.  

A good place to start is by giving your Body Elemental lots of love and appreciation.   

Begin listening to this precious elemental being that has been with you since the beginning of your Earth experience.  It has a lot of wisdom to share with you.

Keep an eye out for my next video.

“Through the Intelligence and Beauty which ‘I AM,’ I command you to take on Perfect Beauty of form, for ‘I AM’ that Beauty in every cell of which you are composed. You shall respond to my command and become radiantly beautiful in every way, in thought, word, feeling and form. ‘I AM’ the Fire and Beauty of your eyes, and I carry forth this Radiant Energy into everything into which I look.”

Saint Germain – “I AM’ Discourses, Volume 3

I’d love to hear your favorite ways of staying present in your body while on Earth.

Don’t forget you are powerful and you are precious.


  1. Andrea Lane

    Love this! I am taking good care of my auric field. 🙂 I love the footage from Australia!

  2. Janet Newman

    Hi Jennifer – I was at work when I played your video. I felt like I was in Australia on the Serenity Hills Farm. The cows, the trees and the stork floating away on the water helped me to feel relaxed. Thank you so much for sharing. This helped me to float away from my Corporate Office and experience beauty and serenity. What a gift. I like to experience being with animals. I enjoy walking my dogs in the Forest in the back of my house. I stay in my body more easily when i do this. Take care. Many blessings. Janet

    1. Jen Post author

      Beautiful Janet. Thanks for sharing.

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