Lord Sanada

Full disclosure my friend, we are not alone.  Lord Sananda is right here with us.

Fear is in our psyche about the Cosmos, and the Heavenly Realms.  Who and what is ‘out there anyway?’

The government and the media have lied to us for decades about UFO sightings and encounters.

Making jokes about obvious evidence through the news, building thoughts of distrust and paranoia about anything other than human.

Our minds have placed this in the ‘fiction’ category. We even call it science fiction.

Lord Sananda is also known as Beloved Jesus

I want to share with you today about a member of the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ascended Master, Lord Sananda, also known as Beloved Jesus.

That’s right Jesus Christ is a Galactic citizen, just like you and me.  When you step into deeper work with me you’ll understand this without a shadow of a doubt. If you want to know more, let’s talk.

As a daughter and a granddaughter of evangelic Christian missionaries, I came into a family with a strong belief in Jesus, as a personal savior.  Jesus is the one and only son of God.  And that God was a fierce Father up in heaven that usually wasn’t happy with me.

My child like view of Jesus was an ideal that was so high there was no way i could ever come up to his standards.  So I pleaded with him for things that I wanted instead.

I lost a precious ring as I was playing in the ocean when I was 8.  I loved that ring and I begged Jesus to bring it back to me.  It never came back.

Many experiences like this one reinforced in my little brain that there must be something wrong with me and something wrong with the entire system.

My Journey

My heart has always been hungry for the Divine and my path brought me into metaphysics,  the Science of Mind, The Course in Miracles, and the Way of Mastery. When I came into the study of the Seven Sacred Flames it all began to make sense to me.

When I learned about the Ascended Masters, Jesus was not one of the first ones that I wanted to get to know.  In fact I had huge resistance to his name.

“O yeah I’ve been there and done that.”

But as I got to know him and the full spectrum of his vast presence; where he came from; how he was chosen, from 36 candidates, to become the Avatar for the Piscean age … my mind opened up.

How he came to Earth to teach us about love and forgiveness and how to resurrect into our Ascended state…

I started to open my heart to Lord Sananda.  He has always been totally available to me and is now helping me with my own resurrection, transcendence and ascension.

Sananda dedicates his life to helping each and every one of us into our abundant evolution.  He’s completely committed to you and to me.

He now serves as our World teacher along with Master Kuthumi.

Small Candle or Floodlights?

You know as you try to navigate through your life journey by yourself, it’s like walking through a dark forest with a small candle in front of you.

The flood lights turn on when you open up to your Galactic team. You can see clearly everything you need to know about how to steer your ship. Steering it into abundance, into health, into a happy fulfilling life  … a life full of love.

Are you ready to get started now?

I want to invite you to apply for an Ascension Clarity Session with me.  I’ve opened up my calendar for the next two weeks just for you and I to have a conversation about you and your Galactic team.


Don’t go it alone for another minute.

I’d love to talk with you about where you are.

The Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy may be the runway that you are looking for.

You are incredibly powerful and so very precious.   I can’t wait for you to know this yourself.


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