My Best Kept Secret

Want to know what my best kept secret is? Keep reading.

Take a deep breath with me and let it go really slowly. 

Aaaah … the breath of Heaven.

I could tell you a lot of tidbit secrets. Such as – I love silly games and long car rides.  They work well together. I love a good water fight and I get car sick on windy roads. 

My best kept secret is …

I love going deep into the quiet intimacy and reverence of the Divine Heart with you and the Angels. I’m thrilled by ceremony and ritual that bring us to tears, heal our hearts, and allow us to laugh and sing in joy. 

When I first heard Saint Germain say, 

We are coming into the activity of Ordered Service and Ritual, the activity where mankind, angels and elementals will again be drawn together in conscious cooperation, and will, hand in hand, walk together along the path of evolution, where they will serve together and build together, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  They will worship together in ceremonials such as you cannot yet conceive.” 

My heart jumped out of my skin with joy in recognition of my own ancient ceremonial mastery.

I answered the call and began Sanctuary, a monthly consecrated gathering and meditation with the Archangels and the Masters 3 1/2 years ago. Saint Germain has been the guardian of this deep sacred space. 


This year Sanctuary is doing something very special and I want you to be a part of it.  

We’re expanding our Light bodies by opening up our 12 – 5th Dimensional Chakras, fully assisted by Saint Germain, the Masters, and the Archangels.

Beloved, let’s go deep together as we switch on all of our 5th Dimensional Chakras and receive our spiritual gifts and divine faculties once again.

Here’s your link to read more about it and to sign up.

“Sanctuary is a touchstone of connection leading me back home to myself.” ~ Carol G

 “My first ‘retreat’ and words cannot fully express the depth . . . . You are a jewel and an amazing channel of the beloved divine energies . . .thank you and I love you dearest Jennifer Ruth!” ~ Elizabeth  

What’s your best kept secret? I’d love to hear about it. Maybe it’s time to gift it to the rest of us.

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