Prayer for the Elections

Take a moment to to speak this prayer for the elections with Bozena   It will only take you 6:30 and the words are below.  This was part of our International Violet Flame Circle on Thursday morning.

Bozena found this prayer in the Ascended Master’s Teaching Foundation prayer booklet and added her own prayer at the beginning and the end.

Let’s continue to build the momentum of Light together.  The Light of God never fails.

Prayer for the Elections


“Beloved, Mighty, Victorious I AM Presence, Archangel Michael, Mighty Victory, Ascended Masters, El Morya, St. Germaine and K-17,

Raise up the right candidates in the coming U.S. elections. (3x)

See that the Ascended Master candidates become victorious; That the I AM Presence and Christ Self of every voter take command and act through the outer self according to the Divine Plan. (3x)

Keep the United States government free from foreign influence.

Reveal to the public and render inactive all foreign lobbyists and all groups that have the objective to undermine and change the Constitution of this country and who are opposed to the original divine plan for this country.

Reveal all that is hidden and not of the Light.

Prevent, prevent, prevent the changing of the Constitution of the United States from its original, divine intent. (3x)

Withhold and withdraw all power from all destructive forces and from all individuals with destructive intent. (3x)

Friends of freedom, arise, arise, arise

To the call of the mighty I AM!

Set our country free!

Set all her people free!

Set the rest of the world and all her people free!”

In the fullness of radiant joy, we accept this prayer accomplished here and NOW according to God’s Holy Will, Wisdom and Power, anchored in the earth, air, fire water and ether, and manifest everywhere upon Earth for the salvation of every soul!

We receive it with deep gratitude; allow it to be, know that it is done. And so it is!

Bozena Wysocki added the closing affirmation to this powerful prayer from AMTF Songs and Decrees* prayer booklet

Please add your prayer for the elections below.


  1. Deborah

    With Deep Loving Gratitude We Give Thanks and Affirm:
    The Light of Mother Father God Source, The Love Mother Father God Source surrounds us now.
    Victory in the Truth of this Light and Love
    is bringing forth this New Day, This New Leadership for This Government
    and All the Governments of this New Earth Aligned with the Most High Divine and Sacred Purpose and
    Will for the Highest Good of All.
    And So It Is

    1. Jen Post author

      And so it is! Thank you Deborah.

  2. Kaey

    I pray for Donald Trump and his family and his people to bring the United States back to its divine plan and I also pray for Australia , for our Victoria and New South Wales and the whole country to also keep to our divine plan at this important time in history. And it is done. I call on my Starseeds, St Germaine my Reiki Master, El Morya and Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Utrillo and every Angel to flow their light and wings around this and our countries to bring peace to the world. Also to Israel the heart beat of the world. That the Magen David shines bright over the world bringing peace and the Devine plan. I ask that this be a programme sent out by all these above twice a day morning at 11am and at 11 pm each night now and forever always. And it is and will be done. Amen

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you Kaey. And so it is!

    1. Jen Post author

      Yes, and so it is. Thank you Janice.

  3. Kat Thomson

    Yes, I AM with you in praying for the outcome of the elections in America…

    I blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Flame over and encircling the whole of the United States in preparation and completion of this important election.

    I ask that there be peace and a coming together as “One with the I AM PRESENCE” of all peoples…


  4. Amruta Gupta

    And So it is!! Victory of the light!! Amen

  5. LE Grimshaw

    Well intended and beautifully executed – a lovely prayer. Thank you. We add our voice to the prayer of balance and LOVE to be present in this coming election November 6th. Thank you. May the unheard voices rise up and be counted. Thank you. May we realize that we are all connected. Thank you. And So It Is.

  6. Catherine

    And So It Is ❣️✨?????✨ IT IS DONE IT IS DONE IT IS DONE ❤️

  7. Catherine L Stalpes

    It IS DONE IT IS DONE IT IS DONE ????❣️✨❤️?? And SO IT IS ❣️ ?❣️ Amen

  8. tetonunderground

    I pray we vote with our hearts and mind congruency. That we are all guided through the process by our deep devotion to the freeing of the elements and etherealize all that is not of our Divine Plan into the light by the Violet Flame. The Cosmic Fire blazes through our voting and elections with the Light of a 1000 suns. Our pens are mighty swords cutting the cords that bind the limits and despair until we all all FREE. And our country and Earth is restored to the beauty and grace of the original blueprint of democracy. This is my prayer. Thank you.
    Beloved I am that I am

    1. Jen Post author

      And SO IT IS! Beloved I AM!

  9. Janet Grace

    My loving prayers are for every Soul to come “from LOVE” as we let our hearts guide us in this election
    and Know that God is at the helm for the Highest & Best for ALL!!!

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you Janet Grace. And so it is! Beloved I AM!

  10. roslyn

    I’ve been reading Patricia Cota Robles prayer as well.. I feel hopeful and yet I also feel some fear because I think stuff has to come up to be healed.. and I never expected Trump to win. But maybe it has to be worse before it gets better.. I know we are entering a higher age.. at least . So that gives me hope

    1. Jen Post author

      Stay high Beloved sister. YOUR LIGHT MATTERS.

  11. Sharmila

    And so it is ( Thank you Jen)
    World peace + harmony for all.

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