Your Etheric Body

When you take good care of your etheric body, you wake up refreshed.

Have you been waking up feeling heavy and unmotivated?

This article shows you how simple it is to open your eyes in the morning in the intimate embrace of your Beloved I AM Presence feeling blissful, inspired, and completely renewed.

It may surprise you how easy this is to do.  

This is the 4th video in  a series called, Your Auric Field.  Today we are going to explore your beautiful Etheric Body. 

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Your etheric body is the garment of your Soul.

It records everything.  It’s the body of all your memories good and bad. It’s like a mirror of your other subtle bodies.

It envelopes and interpenetrates your physical body.  That means it is in your cellular memory.

Your etheric body is what carries your soul through all of your lifetimes.

Until you begin to cleanse your etheric body regularly you will continue to live from past fears and limitations. 

When you frequently tend to the cleansing  of your etheric body, it helps you to be fully present to create and experience a beautiful life.

A message from Jeshua

I’m going to share Jeshua’s teaching right out of my new book, How to Create with Mother Mary and Friends – 21 lessons to activate your creative magnificence so you can stop pretending you’re not powerful.  

Here’s lesson fourteen, Cleansing your Etheric Body with Jeshua.

“Beloveds, I’m honored to teach you today about how to cleanse and maintain the etheric body so that it is optimized to help you in your creations. 

The etheric body records everything. It doesn’t sort and sift through your experiences of what is beneficial to your creation, it simply remembers everything. 

This beautiful body needs your attention every day. It is not only recording what is going on today, but has recorded centuries and centuries of your experiences in every lifetime. 

Having a huge reaction?

If you have an experience that may seem pretty normal on the outside but you have a huge reaction, it is probably an old scar within your etheric body that has opened up for healing. 

Don’t resist this healing. Ask your Beloved I AM Presence and Mother Mary or me to help you release this old pattern of pain completely and forever. 

It is well worth your time to cleanse this body daily in the Violet Fire. Especially right before your sleep time. 

For this is the body that takes you on your journeys to the retreats and records what you’ve learned in our classrooms while you sleep. 

As I have told you in the “Way of Mastery” take some time at the end of the day to complete and forgive the day.* 

Focus on your Beloved I AM Presence and simply state. “I’m grateful for this day. I complete it now as I forgive this day.” 

Then see your etheric body, which holds all of your subtle bodies, and visually wash it in the Violet Flame and shake it out as you would a rug that’s collected dirt. 

Say, “Etheric body, through the authority of my Mighty I AM Presence I command you to be cleansed in the Violet Flame. Release all negative memories that are not serving me. I am grateful, it is now done. And so it is! Beloved I AM.” 

This practice will restore and renew you through your sleep time and allow you to catch the divine ideas that will empower your creating. 

I love and adore you, Jeshua

* The Way of Mastery-Part One: The Way of the Heart-Shanti Christo Foundation”

Thank you Beloved Jeshua.

Cleansing your etheric body

I want to invite you to a mass cleansing of the Etheric Body in our Sanctuary this coming Sunday, June 30th at 5pm PST.  Sanctuary is a sacred healing light meditation that I offer twice a month.

This Sunday we’ll  be clearing out our ancient memories of devastation, the trauma of war, the suppression of abuse and poverty. 

We’ll be cleansing all guilt, conscious and unconscious, and all that has broken and wounded our hearts and our bodies.  We’ll be doing this for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Jeshua, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, the Dolphins, our ancestors, the Archangels, the mighty Elohim and the entire Galactic Council of Light will be assisting us in this powerful activity of Light. 

You don’t want to miss this.


After this Sanctuary you will experience a sound sleep and wake up the next day feeling squeaky clean, loved, and inspired.  And you’ll have the replay to use over and over again.

if you can’t join us live you can get the replay and join us on your schedule.

My next video will be the last in this series of Your Auric Field.  We’ll be exploring our physical bodies and I’ll be with my good friend, Michelle Walker, in Australia.  She’s launching her amazing new book, 20,000 Brushstrokes

Don’t forget you are powerful and so precious.

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